Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: Wait, what? This isn't High Park ...

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August 13, 2017 at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada • BURST FORMAT


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Another fun tournament on a nice summer day! JesseObre hosted and we had 12 players, which meant the tournament was played using Block Round Robin. We had several new players on this day, including Tahoor who actually just placed fourth for the first time in our latest event this past weekend after attending this as his first tournament.

This tournament was also notable for being the first to feature Maximum Garuda. It has gone on to have a huge impact on the metagame, and you can find my comments below with the winning combinations on how it fared:

Winning Combinations
(Aug. 15, 2017  4:59 AM)Kei Wrote: 1st: Kei
Maximum Garuda 4 Glaive Atomic
Alter Chronos 4 Glaive Atomic
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic
Maximum Garuda 4 Glaive Orbit (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: Newtype
Legend Spriggan 6 Cross Xtreme
Alter Chronos 7 Meteor Orbit
Guardian Kerbeus Heavy Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: 1234beyblade
Legend Spriggan 7 Meteor Xtreme
Alter Chronos 4 Glaive Atomic
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic

Even though I am the only one in Toronto who has Maximum Garuda right now, I was pretty worried about the effect it would have on the game going into this tournament. However, I came out of this event not being as fearful of it due to my own fear in using it sometimes throughout the day. Maybe I was being overly cautious. Although, JesseObre did KO my mG.4G.O with his L2.6V.Z in the finals, and the same thing happened once against Andrea22 in the group stage. Newtype also KOed my mG once with his lS in the final battle, but I luckily bounced immediately back into the stadium.

Even Atomic felt like it was getting knocked around pretty well, thanks to Legend Spriggan. In essence, I realized there is a nice balance in the metagame going on right now:

  • Maximum Garuda beats Alter Chronos and Drain Fafnir
  • Maximum Garuda has a decent chance against Legend Spriggan
  • Guardian Kerbeus beats Maximum Garuda and Drain Fafnir
  • Alter Chronos has good defense against Legend Spriggan
  • Legend Spriggan beats Guardian Kerbeus and Drain Fafnir
  • Drain Fafnir and Alter Chronos are relatively safe against most combos random players might use

This is extremely simplified and results obviously vary depending on a lot of factors, of course. There's also other Layers like Valkyrie that could probably fit into the mix with its proficiency against mG. I merely wanted to generally illustrate that there is a nice balance here between mG, lS, gK, aC, and dF.

Since writing this, the ability for gK to beat mG has come into question if you have the proper technique (and depending on the match-up), and several new Beyblades have come out to complicate things further (like Galaxy Zeus and Sieg Xcalibur). I'm of the opinion at this moment in time that mG is slightly overpowered and perhaps worthy of consideration for banning, but you'll see how it has played out in subsequent events once I get around to posting reports for them. That said, my feeling that mG often doesn't feel 100% safe to use against everything does stand; however, it does have the best overall chance to beat anything thrown at it than anything else you could possibly construct right now. There is still a considerable variety of competitive Beyblades within the metagame in spite of Maximum Garuda's power though–which is a good sign–but it may simply feel like less of a problem than it actually is because relatively few people actually have it.


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Deck Format Finals
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Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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