Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: MORE GRIP! MORE RIP!


June 18, 2017 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada • BURST FORMAT (Hasbro Only)


[Image: YqZ3bsD.jpg]

Coming into this event after our surprisingly fun and interesting first unranked Hasbro Only Burst Format event–Hasbro Bursts RARELY Onto the Scene–I was relatively optimistic about how the metagame would progress! We ended up with more players than that first event and were able to play using block round robin for this one.

However, the Hasbro Bursts RARELY Onto the Scene event was perhaps sugarcoated slightly by our collective ignorance of how the metagame actually should work, and this event seems to have shown us what it’s really like … and the picture it painted was not incredibly encouraging in terms of diversity.

[Image: BcF3zxd.jpg]

Prior to More Grip! More Rip! I did a lot more testing to prepare for the tournament–especially because it was going to be ranked–and generally speaking was happy with how Attack was performing against Defense and Revolve-based combos with a lot of different things I was trying (Xcalius, Victory Valtryek, Roktavor, Rising Roktavor to an extent all on Xtreme). I was even able to find success with Odax Heavy Xtreme in testing, which was amazing. However, when I started testing Attack combos against Survive-based combos things went south. Survive was used sparingly in our first Hasbro event, so this isn’t an issue that we had discovered yet back then. I also wonder if the rhythm I got into when testing skewed the results; matching the same rhythm you can enter when testing in a real tournament battle is very difficult.

For some reason, Survive has arguably just as much (or close to it) Stamina as Hasbro’s Revolve and vastly improved Defense (and tightness, strangely). There are certain Attack combos that probably can be used to specifically defeat certain Survive-based set ups, but the impression I got through testing and this event was that there wasn’t really anything that was consistent against both Yegdrion and Kerbeus (the two best Stamina Layers). This is painfully evident when you look at the winning combos list below.

[Image: c7Hi43a.jpg]

I could be wrong as this was several weeks ago, but the point here is that my general impression of things after this event was that Attack was just not consistent enough in any form against top tier combos like YHS and KHS.

I’m definitely interested in playing Hasbro Only Burst Format again in the future to see if we missed something (maybe we did because @[Angry Face] seems to have been successful with all offensive combos at Sting Like A Beast a week after this event), but it would definitely have to be unranked based on my feeling right now.

Still, despite the sour taste this event left in terms of the state of the Hasbro Burst metagame, it was still a great day and I’m looking forward to giving it another chance in the future. After the complete dominance and saturation of Drain Fafnir at U wot m8? LMAO’s Bursday Beynanza?! a few weeks ago and the subsequent re-balancing of things this past weekend at Rowdy in the Dish, I’ve learned not to get too worked up or down about the results of one or even a couple events. There’s always something new to learn, so I still have some hope!

[Image: 89JlEwn.jpg]

[Image: pegGVD3.jpg]

[Image: 2UeRuSu.jpg]

Winning Combinations

1st: 1234beyblade
Yegdrion Heavy Survive
Kerbeus Heavy Survive
Yegdrion Y2 Heavy Survive

2nd: OldSchool™
Yegdrion Heavy Survive
Kerbeus Knuckle Revolve

3rd: cadney
Yegdrion Heavy Survive
Kerbeus Heavy Survive
Kerbeus Heavy Revolve
Kerbeus K2 Heavy Survive

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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