The metagame and "balance": why do you care?

Fantastic post, Beylon - I've been having some similar thoughts lately about the nature of the game, especially regarding the effects of the loss of activity in the global community over the past few years. To work off of your evolutionary analogy, the post-MFB hiatus caused a significant reduction in "biodiversity"; with fewer, smaller active communities around the world, the number of individual "mobs" has been reduced, which is not healthy for the greater "mob" that is the WBO. Consider a species of bacteria, for example - there may be dozens of strains of that one species, each slightly different from the others, and within each strain there are individuals with further differences between one another. The species as a whole will be healthier and more resilient with more varied individual strains, and healthy strains can share information to help out others. Greater biodiversity - more active communities - means that it's more likely that one group will discover solutions to another group's problems, and the ability to share information allows for improved resilience while still preserving some degree of isolation. This is why I really hope that Hasbro's Burst release will give a huge boost to the community, because getting many, many fresh pairs of eyes could end up bringing new perspectives on the game into the light. We can always use more Ingulits and [)ragons.
@[Beylon] Just wanted to let you know that your post is probably the most incredible thing I've ever read on a forum. I'm so happy it's a post about Beyblade.

I'm formulating a long answer to this thread that isn't quite ready yet, but it'll have to do with how I felt as a relatively new player when Odin was dominating the metagame.
Sorry for bumping a old thread. But this is probably my favourite thread and I wanted to reply this since long time and always think to post here once in while, but never could do. Time when I seen this first, I couldn't really understand it exactly and I couldn't really explain what metagame is or why do I even care about it at all + my bad engish would probably made it way goofier vs others post. But now I think I'm finally ready for this and kinda learned english better bladehahaha. So here THE CRACKBLADER finally comes!

Moving straight to what I think about meta, it's balance and why I do even care. I think it's it's what makes game fun, and work at all and not just be spinning top as fast as possible on a plastic stadium. Metagame of a area depends on quite a bit things, such as availability of parts, number of bladers (kinda. Like how many kind of combos can vary, how long you can use same combo without getting countered at a event, amount of time you use which wears parts), way of thinking of bladers, previously used combos, weather (like here it's super dusty, so RF catches dust very fast making it lose flower pattern faster), budget of bladers around (how much they can buy), skill of bladers, launcher they use, condition of launcher, etc. Basically it depends highly on bladers, parts available to them and there way of thinking, which is affacted by same things of bladers. What they may use, how strong they are, etc. It's like Dominos, 1 dominos make other one fall and it keep happening till end (except in this case it's falling in a circle and keeping spinning forever). If you see, there are many parts that are extremely powerful and many that are weak and I'm sure most will blame TT (designer), but if you see, they are really aren't trying design metagame, they are just making new and creative parts, which are good in performance, have new feature and gimmicks, and doesn't exceed a specific limit of performance. It's upto us to make use those parts and create metagame. Sure, they does research on parts and combos, but if they make all parts obvious and make it like a video game (where everything will happen just like it was programed), it will be like a puzzle, which can be solved only 1 way. If there is something something stronger then and it can beat most of things. Blader try to counter it, make new combos, find strategy and be creative. Similar to that of how 'life' works. It's never same and due to needs and competition, we try different things and found news ways to win. And that's how we found beyblade at first place.

So, why do I even care? Well, because, like I mentioned it's why beyblade works at all, it's what really makes beyblade fun, it's reason what keep bladers love it. If metagame is balanced, everything must have some have atleast some chances of beating everything. If there are parts, that are dominating or beating almost everything with very limited counters, it's unbalanced metagme (aka Burst with D2. No offence lol) and in that case, players with limited parts will have huge  disadvantage, so they ethier have to get same part or find something that can counter it. And this way, people will most likely use only that bey or something that can counter it which will make it boring after a while and remove creativity eliment which is what makes beyblade so fun, directly affact TT's sale of part as well as blader's interest in game. If metagame good is bladers with limited parts availablity, less skill level will able to still have chances of winning. But there must be still more powerful combos, just to make it more challenging and competitive so wheelers (#Wubofied) can use there creativity, brain and skill, keeping there interest in game.

Thanks for reading ;)