The Royal Beypit

For all those selling items at The Royal Beypit event, please list the items you're selling and their condition in this format:

Please post in list format, and state the condition of the part as well

NIB - New in Box
NIP - New in Packet
Mint - Never been used
Used - Well.. Used

1. If someone doesn't accept your offer, don't be rude about it.

2. Do not make an offer or commitment to buy if you can't afford it.
This will be taken VERY seriously, if you make an offer, that is a contract that you can not back out of.
If you aren't sure.
Don't do it

3. If people have stated that they wish for offers on items, then DO NOT simply ask "How much is it", it is your incentive to offer how much you see as fair, and their option to decline or accept that offer.

The below is an example
Quote:Metal Fight Beyblade
  • WBBA limited Earth Aquilla 100 HF/S - £20 - NIB
  • [s]Libra 145BS - Used
  • [s]Earth (mold 2) Virgo T125ES (Case set recolor) with light launcher

Kevin will be selling :
Dranzer Shooter - USED
White rubber grip mule - NIP
Rock Giraffe (MW & CW only) - MINT
Beylauncher L (meteo version) - MINT
Orange Metal Faces, remodelling ver. - USED
Gravity Perseus (maybe) - (good condition) - USED
TT Standard Stadium (dual sides) - only sold with decent offers - NIB
2 x Launcher Rubbers (goes where suspension goes) Red & White colours. - USED

Looking For (I have made offers on what I believe generous on your behalf.):
Earth Virgo - £15 Usable condition
Collectables / Rares - £15+ MINT please
Lighting L-drago (non Vortex) - £13! - MINT please
Black rubber grip mule £5 - Condition doesn't matter
Angle Compass £4? (not really) - Condition doesn't matter
Metal Faces £5 per 2 pack (always useful) - Condition doesn't matter
Attack Stadium ~ £40 - Come on thats $60 - Price depends on condition
Most TT Beyblades I don't have! £5-£15 - Price depends on condition

- Thank you and remember to PM if necessary!
Im selling A

Digital power launcher. Used
Dark Bull (With launcher and ripcord)
USED (£4.50)
BB 36 Metal Faces NIP £5
BB 34 Orange Light launcher With Ripcord NIP £3
For sale, all with sticher sheet in tact.
Bnib fantom fox £15.
Bnib einestine ms tournament dark green £15
Bnib jiriah ms

new earth Virgo gb145 bs
i like cerial, I have the rock giraffe (possibly to sell) and will probably sell the gravity perseus depending on your offer price, you should have pmed me.
My Digital Power Launcher has been sold
if anyone has the following: burn metal wheel, earth metal wheel, virgo 5 minute mold wheel, or thermal metal wheel ill buy it for £10
pm me if you have any of the ones i have just stated
Did you mean £10 per wheel or £10 for all of them? I'm not selling them it's just kinda confusing the way you said it.
I think he means 10 pounds each.
I'll buy buying Earth wheels, burn wheels and virgo wheels for 12 each?!?
Whoever has an attack stadium I'll give u 40 bloody pounds!!!!!
i am looking for a LR launcher if anybody has one i will pay you $10 for it thanks bye
This is only for those who are attending the event.
sellin 2 orange launcher £3 each
a killer metal wheel £5 ,
swaping my wb [mint] for a D and a S
buyin a bottom cs, track 100
I'll have all this for sale - If your interested in purchasing any of it send me a PM with your offer and I'll bring them along.

Also selling a Balance Stadium (will be used in the tourney) PM me if your interested then can make an offer after the tourney if the condition is still good.
UPDATE to my main post : Buying: LLDrago (not BB43A) in MINT/NIB condition.
Selling : Rock Giraffe (Metal Wheel and Clear Wheel ONLY) - MINT
Anybody Selling Individual Part (Tips,Tracks,Facebolts)
I'd be willing to for the right price.
I'll be looking for some various MFB blades...
Also I have Master Dragoon and Wolborg 2 - USED - but in good condition. Oh, and a magnetic core spin gear -ALSO USED- but in good condition.
If anyone is interested I'll take offers.
Oh and also I have a Driger S -USED- but in good condition.
I'll also be selling a Dark Bull Pm me if your interested.
any one selling bey pointer ill buy it for 15 pounds if u want 20
im selling lighting l-drago vortex edition with the launcher and ripcord slightly used PM me an offer