The Great Catch-Up

Lots of recent releases have yet to have any information on their wiki page. This thread serves to keep a record on parts that need updating, so that contributors can easily identify the parts that need working on at a glance.

Please post here if there is anything that should be updated (or directly modify this post if you have mod powers)

There are four states for each part -
To be Created - A thread has yet to be created for this part
To be Drafted - A thread has been created, but there is no drafts for the part yet
To be Verified - A draft has been made, but contributors have yet to come up with a final draft
To be Published - Contributors have agreed on the final draft, and the page is pending an update
Published - The article has been published on the official wiki. Published parts will not be listed here.

Cho-Z Layer System

Shadow/Shining Amaterios Energy Layer - (To be Verified)

00 Core Disc - (To be Verified)
Dimension Performance Tip - (To be Verified)

8' Forge Disk - (To be Verified)

Air Knight Energy Layer (To be Verified)

GT Layer System

天 Ten Layer Weight - (To be Created)
烈 Retsu Layer Weight - (To be Created)
斬 Zan Layer Weight - (To be Created)
閃 Sen Layer Weight - (To be Created)
Goku Layer Weight - (To be Created)
滅 Metsu Layer Weight - (To be Created)

Dragon GT Chip - (To be Verified)
Ace Layer Base - (To be Drafted)
Grand Layer Base - (To be Verified)
Rock Layer Base - (To be Verified)
Sting Forge Disk - (To be Drafted)
Charge Performance Tip - (To be Verified)

Valkyrie GT Chip - (To be Verified)
Slash Layer Base - (To be Verified)
Blitz Forge Disk - (To be Drafted)
Power Performance Tip - (To be Drafted)

Ashura GT Chip - (To be Drafted)
Bushin Layer Base - (To be Verified)
Hurricane Forge Disk - (To be Verified)
Keep Performance Tip - (To be Verified)

Fafnir GT Chip - (To be Drafted)
Wizard Layer Base - (To be Drafted)
Ratchet Forge Disk - (To be Drafted)
Rise Performance Tip - (To be Drafted)

Cosmo Layer Base - (To be Verified)

Storm Pegasus Energy Layer - (To be Drafted)

Joker GT Chip - (To be Drafted)
Judgment Layer Base - (To be Verified)
Trick Performance Tip - (To be Drafted)

Bahamut GT Chip - (To be Drafted)
Dread Layer Base - (To be Drafted)

Longinus GT Chip - (To be Drafted)
Zwei Layer Base - (To be Drafted)
Drake Forge Disk - (To be Drafted)
Spiral' Performance Tip - (To be Drafted)

Diabolos GT Chip - (To be Created)
Venom Layer Base - (To be Created)
Erase Layer Base - (To be Created)
Vanguard Forge Disk - (To be Created)
Bullet Performance Tip - (To be Created)

Flare Layer Base - (To be Created)
Around Forge Disk - (To be Created)

Gaia Dragoon Energy Layer - (To be Created)

Hydra GT Chip - (To be Created)
Poison Layer base - (To be Created)