[Draft]  Layer Base - Judgment

Judgment is a Balance type layer base that features two gimmicks. The rubber contact points along its outer perimeter induce huge recoils when they come into contact with another bey, giving Judgment a big chance to KO or outright burst them. There is a rubber tab on one side of the inner ring where the prongs of Forge Discs go into, which grips onto said prongs. Theoretically, this gimmick will provide additional burst resistance when the layer collides with an opposing Beyblade on the side it is on

Judgment also has a decent weight, weighing in at approximately 12.1 grams. Together with a GT Chip and a Layer Weight, this would give it the weight to withstand the recoil it generates, and lower the chance of a KO. It also has a nice elliptical shape, with the protruding rubber contact points on the far ends, which bolsters its attack potential greatly.

There are some forge discs that synergize really well with the inner rubber tabs, due to the thickness of their prongs. These thick prongs will cause the rubber tabs to push onto them really hard, making it extremely hard for the layer to suffer its first click. Some examples of such discs are Blitz, 0, and 00.

It should be noted that as the outer perimeter rubber contact points are made of rubber, they will wear down pretty quickly over the course of a few battles. Some rubber will get chipped off, potentially lowering Judgment's attack potential when it happens.

==Use in Attack Combinations==
Judgment performs really well in Attack Combinations. It can be used in the combination Judgment Dragon/Joker/Valkyrie/Ashura Blitz Xtreme' 斬. Blitz synergizes really well with the layer due to its thick prongs that grip onto the inner rubber tab, giving it great burst resistance. Xtreme' allows it to move in a really aggressive pattern, allowing it to achieve a KO or a burst finish easily.

Judgment is a layer base that has incredible attack potential due to its working gimmicks. However, its attack potential greatly depends on its rubber contact points, which will wear down eventually after constant use.

As such, Judgment is a must have for competitive bladers.
Two things I'd like to add:
1) Because the rubber contact points can be damaged so easily, it is recommended to have multiple copies of this Layer Base in case a replacement is necessary.
2) The rubber tab increases Burst Resistance even further when the combination utilizes a painted Disk.
You should probably mention the average weight is 12.1 grams. I would suggest including 5 in the disks that are mentioned to work well with the rubber tab. I know you have typed as examples, but why not include all disks that work well (include other disks that work well as well) ? You typed: "...the outer perimeter rubber contact points are made of rubber...". I suggest to just say the "...outer perimeter contact points are made of rubber..." and then type stuff before it and after it just like it is now. Don't say the rubber will wear down after "few battles". People might get worried, you know. Maybe "few" is the right word. Idk. You may also mention a few other combos. One stationary and maybe even one mixed attacker like JV.00E.H' which can OS some left spin combos if the judgment combo has failed to burst or KO the opposing combo. Honestly though, these suggestions aren't even totally necessary. Your draft is good even without them.

Also, why are the words judgment bold in the first 2 times it is mentioned?

Yeah, as CitrusNinja3 said, you might also want to specify that the rubber tabs will wear down over time and that it is necessary that the blader owns multiple copies if he/ she wants to use it.