[Draft]  Energy Layer - Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasus is an energy layer which is a Burst remake of a Metal Fight Saga Beyblade. It sports a circular shape, with three wing-like protrusions from its edges.

While it is marketed to have great upper-attack due to its sloped contact points, it is not the case in reality. Unlike the original Metal Fight version, the slopes are gentler, and the tip of the slope is thicker. This causes it to have better smash-attack than upper-attack.

Storm Pegasus also has four teeth, all of medium height. This aspect, combined with the recoil induced from its smash attack, rendering it suspectible to self-induced bursts. Hence, it is recommended to use Dash drivers on it.

Unlike prior remakes, it features a decent amount of metal within the layer, making its weight comparable to energy layers in the Cho-Z and GT series. The metal is not exposed, so bladers don’t have to worry too much about damaging other beys in battle. It’s hefty weight allows it to go toe-to-toe with most Cho-Z and GT layers, a feat that prior remakes have never accomplished. The weight is also distributed along its outer perimeters, giving it great Outward-Weight-Distribution. As a result, it has good stamina and Life-After-Death (LAD) potential.

Despite its decent weight compared to most Cho-Z layers, Storm Pegasus is outclassed by many right-spin layers in the meta. Layers like Perfect Phoenix and Archer Hercules, which have better weight and burst resistance, outclasses it for Defence/Stamina combinations. Layers like Cho-Z Achilles and Judgment have better potential for attack combinations.

As such, Storm Pegasus is recommended for collection purposes only.
So the sides aren't made from metal?
(I mean the contact point,the silvered side)