The Bey that spun forever...

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Chapter one: An embarrassing battle!

It was a sunny day in the city. The sky was blue and was almost covered with clouds . It was summer and it were kids playing a game named Beyblade everywere in town. Especially on the beach.
-3-2-1 LET IT RIP!!! shouted a little boy named Josh.
His Bey Burn Sagitarrio T125WD flew into the arena.
His opponent were a girl named Alex and she owned Flame Virgo 145D.
-GO SAGITARRIO shouted Josh.
Sagittario and Virgo were clashing a thousand of times and every clash were powerfull!
Some kids around the beach were watching the battle.
Suddenly Alex bey virgo were pushing up Sagittario to the edge of the arena.
-Yeah, keep it that way said Alex.
-No way, I can`t believe it said Josh nervously, Push it back Sagitarrio I know you can do it screamed Josh.
-Its no use ,FINISH HIM, special move: Beautiful dance shouted Alex!
Josh bey flew out of the stadium and landed on the sand.
-NOOO shouted Josh, I can`t believe it. I lost to a girl!
-Hahahahahaha laughed all the kids that were watching.
-I won, Yeah shouted Alex!
Josh wasn`t on a good mood anymore and he had no desire for more so he went home.

On the way home Josh met a guy. The only thing he said was:
I can help you grow stronger...

Chapter 2: A new friend.

Josh had a smooth orange hair and his eyes were blue. He liked to wear a blue t-shirt. He was 8 years old and his dad died for a long time ago. And he had green shoes.
-Who are you asked Josh.
-I saw what happened to you on the beach said the stranger.
-Oh... hehe...yeah..ok said Josh. He was embarrassed.
-Actually they just wanted to joke with you, why did you take it so seriously, I mean girls
can blade too you know and they laughed to you just beacause you looked funny when you lost said the stranger.
-You got a point there sighed josh.
-I was one of those kids that were watching the battle you know said the stranger.
-Ok, so whats your name asked Josh.
-My name is Dash and I love Beyblade he said.
-Me too, I own Burn sagitattario T125WD said Josh.
-Cool said Dash.
-Umm... Dash, Can you help me with something asked Josh.
-Sure what is it said Dash.
-Well... you know... I.... I ....I have never won a single...bey battle in my... entire LIFE said Josh
-WHAT screamed Dash. H...H....H...H...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!
-I dont know...really...Its true..... and no they didnt laugh to me just because I looked funny, they actually laughed to me because I lost once again and haven`t won a single Battle. Said Josh sadly. I have alot of friends of course but they wasn`t there and every body is kind to me but sometimes it happens that they laughs to me. But the only thing I need is help from an expert to get stronger!
-Your looking at one" said Dash.

Chapter 3:Hard training!
-3-2-1 LET IT RIP shouted Josh.
Sagittario were smashing, zigzagged bottles and at the end, there was only 6 bottles left.
Sagittario flew back to Josh hand.
-Perfect said Dash.
The point was that there would be 6 bottles left when it was over.
-AWESOME shouted Josh. He had made it on his first try.
-So let´s go to training stage number 2 said Dash.
Dash had black spiky here and brown eyes. And he was almost always wearing a green t shirt, and Blue shoes. He was twelve years old.
They went to a small river that had a lot of rocks on it . The river was in a forest.
-So what are we doing here asked Josh.
-Here is your next training stage said Dash.
-WHAT, WHY HERE screamed Josh.
-Your Sagittario have to jump through the river through the rocks, understand said Dash.
-Ok...but what happens if I fail and Sagittario falls into the water.
-What do you think asked Dash.
- Ugh.... I dont want to think about it said Josh nervously.
-3-2-1 LET IT RIP shouted Josh.
Sagittario landed on a rock but didn`t continue.
-Whats wrong asked Dash.
-Euhhmm....... nothing said josh.
-Just believe in yourself and it will be fine, trust me said Dash.
And this time he made it on his first try once again!
-YEEEEHAAAA shouted Josh and the rest of the day he kept on practicing and got better and better! Cause with practicing you can go anywhere!

Chapter 4 : A new Josh!
Josh had trained for many weeks and finally he was ready.
3-2-1 LET IT RIP shouted Josh!
Sagittario flew into the arena.
-3-2-1 LET IT RIP shouted Alex!
They were battling in a Beyblade park were alot of kids wanted to see if Josh was going to lose again.
Dash was watching the battle too.
-GO SAGITTARIO shouted Josh!
-GET HIM VIRGO shouted alex.
They were clashing a hundred of times. And suddenly Sagittario dodged Virgos attack.
-What are you doing said Alex. Are you scared or what.
-I´m not scared said Josh, It´s´only you that are in big trouble.
-What do you mean by that said Alex nervously.
Alex had blond hair, blue eyes and were always wearing a red cap.
- Watch and learn said Josh. GO SAGITTARIO GO, Sagittario went around the stadium with lightning speed,
A centaur with a burning bow grew out of Sagittario and shot a burning arrow on virgo.
The arrow came out from the lightning-quick circle around the arena.
But it was to late, the arrow hit Virgo and Virgo flew out of the stadium.
The winner was Josh!
-W....W....W ......WOW said Alex. What have happened to you? You finished the battle so quickly!
All the other kids couldn`t believe their eyes. Josh had won for the first time in his life.
Sagittario flew back to Josh hand.
-With practice you can go anywhere said Josh!

Later that day when Dash went home he couldn`t stop thinking aboat how Josh had battled those kids and won, earlier that day.
Josh had got better thanks to me and him himself.
-Hey you said a strange voice.
-Huh? said Dash.
A few kids went closer to him.
-You trained that little Josh boy right said one of them.
-Yeah so what? asked Dash.
-Battle us, cause if you trained that guy, your strong and we like strong opponents.
-I really dont have time but....ok then said Dash.

Chapter 5: "The Orso Bladers"
It was two against one battle.
-GO MIDNIGHT ORSO shouted Jack.
-GO NIGHT ORSO shouted Oliver.
Striker dodged both of them.
-WHAT screamed Jack and Oliver at the same time.
This time they were playing at the ground. It was four kids that wanted to battle him and they called their selves "The Orso Bladers". They sent out Jack and Oliver to battle Dash, it was unfair but Dash didn`t care. Jack had brown hair, brown eyes and Oliver were kinda fat and had brown hair and eyes too. They were twins.
-NOW STRIKER, DO IT, shouted Dash.
Striker went fast to midnight and night orso and smashed them both at the same time. Both stopped spinning.
-NOOOO screamed Jack and Oliver.
Striker flew back to Dash hand.
Jack and Oliver runned away and now it was only two left to battle:micheal and Jonas.
Micheal refused to battle Dash and walked away.
-Are you scared or what said Dash.
-No, his not scared just battle me instead said Jonas.
He showed his Evil Orso and were ready to battle.
-Ok then said Dash.
And a few minutes after that, Jonas lost easily and suddenly he started to run away like the others.
-Ok what is going on here asked Dash?

Chapter 6: A talk in the bey park.

Josh and Dash were talking at the beyblade park next morning.
-They are called "The Orso bladers" said Josh. Each has a respective Orso.
They were born in a forest and has grown up in a forest. They are the city's best bladers and they are actually quite cruel to everyone. Nobody wants to be friends with them.
They are always looking for strong opponents but before they go against somebody, they always test the skill you have, that's exactly what they did to you.
They can be friends with all bears that`s even exist and have it as a pet and...
- Ok, I understand, you know I got to this city a month ago, me and my family moved in to this town because my parents can get a better job here. And now I kinda now pretty much about this city, so lets train cause we are going to beat the "The Orso bladers"

Chapter7: A helpful, new friend.
- Let me introduce my friends. This is Brayne and this is Alexander and this is Gabu. Brayne, Alexander and Gabu this is Dash said Josh.
They said hello to each other and then they went to the bey park to train.
There were others who were a big fan of Dash because he trained Josh so that he got better, so everyone started running at him and asked for a battle.
-Peace, I'm just ONE blader you know said Dash.
Josh and the others just stood and laughed.
-Looks like he has become famous said Josh.
-Poor Dash laughed Brayne.
-Hahahahahaha laughed Gabu and Alexander.
But in the back, it was a girl, blond hair, red baseball cap with a broken Bey and shes name was Alex. No one noticed her when Dash and they came.
Suddenly there came a boy with brown shirt, brown hair, gray pants, gray hat with a purple text on it. With a black glove on his left hand and black shoes and brown eyes.
-Is your bey broken he asked Alex.
-Yes sobbed Alex.
-But what did happen asked the boy.
-A guy from "The Orso bladers" destroyed my bey in a battle and took the power from it.
-What ... power, what do you mean by that the boy asked.
-I know now why "The Orso bladers" are so dodgy and I know their true identity said Alex.
-Tell me the boy said.
-I do not have time, I must go to a Beyblade shop, to fix my bey, then I can tell you everything.
-Ok, I can follow along and I can pay for repairing the bey.
-Thank you so much, by the way my name is Alex said Alex.
-My name is Danile and this is my bey: Twisted Aries SW145WD said Danile.
-My bey is Flame virgo145D said Alex.
Then they went off to the workshop.
But Dash was still in trouble.

Chapter8: "The Orso Bladers" true identity.

-Perfect, my bey is now gone as new, but with a different metal wheel, you know, I switched to an Inferno metal wheel instead said Alex.
-Ok said Danile.
Danile and Alex was 12 years old.
-Thank you for paying for the repair said Alex.
-My pleasure said Danile.
It was afternoon, the repair took a long time with such an injury, if she wouln`t have changed metalwheel, it would take longer. On the way home they met on Dash and Josh. The others had already gone home.
-Hey Alex, what's up asked Josh.
- Well now anyways, my bey had been broken before and I had no money left to repair my bey. So this guy named Danile paid for me.
-You're a good boy said Josh.
Dash just stood there behind and panting after what happened in the bey park.
But finally they greeted each other and their Beys.
-I would just tell Danile all aboat "The orso bladers" now but I suppose you also want to hear it said Alex.
-Of course, said Josh and Dash at the same time.
-Ok so here's how it works,"The Orso bladers" want to steal all of the beys forces that they have inside themselves, by destroying all Beys they encounter and then absorb the force they have and make it their own, but it can only certain people do, and the certain people is "The Orso bladers", then send Furthermore, the power to two other people who own gravity destroyer and L-drago destroy, that just uses "The Orso bladers" because they have the ability to do that, the two will send the power to a mountain called "Bakundoma", deep inside the mountain, scientists and archaeologists say that there is a legendary bey in there who is said to have spun since the earth was created, actually the "The Orso bladers" want to send the power to the bey that spins forever, to be more exact they want to lower the bey so that it doesn`t spin anymore. A member from "The Orso bladers" that owned Dark Orso named Micheal telled me all this. He want us to fight back, but they are so confident that they will defeat us and our absorb our beys power so that they get more stock power. But the question is why they want to lower the bey told Alex.
-I know why, my dad is a scientist and he and his fellow helpers have found why it is so important that it continues to spin forever. Like what has the bey with the earth to do, I think when I hear why ....... if the bey stops spinning ........................................ every day will be full of natural disasters said Dash.

Chapter 9: The video.
Josh,Danile,Alex and Dash`s parents and all their siblings were at Dash`s home, to watch a video Dash`s dad had sent, to give the information they found.
The video they watched hadn`t so good quality but you could still here what they said. Suddenly Dash`s dad were on the screen.
-Hello my dear family and friends, we have discovered the montain "Bakundoma" a lot of years now and the thing we have come till you already know, right?
He stood infront of a very very big building, "The discover center", near the mountain "Bakundoma".
-Someone must stop those guys called "The Orso bladers", but this time the police can`t handle this. It is only those who can blade very good that can stop them.....and the bad thing is that children have better knowledge on Beyblade than adults but it is too dangerous for kids, you know, their just kids!
So the situation we are in now is really really bad. What are we going to do, and no we still not figured it out how earth has a bond with the "Spinning forever bey". And a few seconds after that the video stopped and turned off.
Dash`s little sister Caroline that was 6 years old started to cry. Shes mom came and comforted her.
-AWESOME shouted Dash`s little Brother.
-Who cares, the word is still going to be destroyed, its 2012 giggled Danile`s big brother.
-What a fool you are said Danile with an angry voice.
-Whatever giggled the brother.
Danile had a little sister too named Clara, and he also had two parents of course.
Alex had one big brother and one little sister, and two parents.
Josh had a big sister and a big brother but he didn`t have a dad. He only had hes mom left and hes siblings.
-Where´s your dad whispered Alex.
-I don`t have a dad answered Josh.
-Oh.....sorry, I didn`t know said Alex sadly.
-Its ok, I can tell you all about it later said Josh.
-Ok answered Alex.
After that, everyone was going to vote if some strong kids shoud take care of this or leave it to the police.
- Kids and adults are almost as good at to play Beyblade but kids have a little more experience on that
said Alex dad Robert. He was jealos.
No one cared because everyone was so focused on what all voted for. They voted by a show of hands and the winner was the adults that wanted all kids to be safe. All kids sighed.

It had gone 4 hours after the "meeting" and everybody just taked it easy and wondered if the police could stop "The orso bladers".
But Dash and Danile weren`t doing that....they encountered Oliver and Jack!
They were battling on the ceiling on a apartment.
Dash`s bey Storm Striker D125F were fighting Night orso and Danile`s Aries were fighting Midnight Orso.
-We are weak opponents when we are one, but unbeatable when we are two said Jack and Oiver,GO SPECIAL MOVEGrinOUBLE ROAR SMASH (If they battle by themselfs, their move would be Roar smash)
-GO SPECIAL MOVEConfusedTORM HORN shouted Dash.
And a big explosion went all over the place.
And everything ended up being a tie! And a few seconds after that, Oliver and Jack were gone as usual.

Chapter 9:

About the title, it's "spun forever" not spinned. Spinned isn't a word.
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You know you are really good at making this story.Keep on writing I want to read more.It is very interesting.Smile
Your story does have many errors in it, may i fix it for you?
No, you may not fix my story. Smile
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I can help you grow stronger...
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(Feb. 25, 2012  7:13 PM)Dashy Wrote: On the way home Josh met a guy. The Only thing he said was:
I can help you grow stronger...
Tell the boy who got beat to not get in this "guys"...vehicle. Or eat any of this "guys" ice cream.
Sorry I am just kidding the story is OK just needs grammar fixer-uppers.
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