Test hS.00W.Br. if it is still viable in GT format + Discussion

Hell Salamander.00Wall.Bearing is the predecessor to Cho-Z Spriggan.00Wall.Bearing because of it has the same perfect circle, blades that have a smooth underside and Outward Weight Distribution but the difference is, Cho-Z Spriggan is Dual-Spin. Test it against Cho-Z and GT Beys to see if it's still viable in this format or not

My testing:

hS.00W.Br (10bm) VS cR.0E.Ds' (hS with the weakest launch) 

hS: W-L-D (10-1-0)     

cR: W-L-D (1-10-0)

Test this against your competitive combos and we'll discuss!
Bearing, no. Bearing', maybe? Probably iffy. You'd be better off on a stronger dash driver. Now Atomic' in same spin, THAT would be good. I don't know if HXt+' would be good.
As much as I find hS to be a cool bey, in GT, a very attack oriented meta it sounds a bit iffy. as Crab said, Atomic' in same spin sounds like a good choice.
But in spin-equalization combinations, it can draw or outspin opponents. A few Cho-Z beyblades get a place in GT format
00 wall bearing on anything can beat the majority of things opposite spin. But with stuff like Master(left) and Lord hell salamander is basically outclassed. I personally like vanguard instead of 00/0/10 wall as it scrapes less.
I got Union Diabolos on 9/24/2022 and I've put a painted 00 disc on hS and also Zankye stated in a YT comment that a tighter spring of Bearing was released on this. And it has the A3 mold so... it can sometimes burst. I've did extensive testing on a mixed attaker like UD.Gn (power) and hS outspun it but sometimes it can KO, outspin, or burst so against attack types it did decent, but with Lord on Xt+ and Master on Bearing, it could get clapped.