Strange Dreams you've had

my strange dream was about i was in a beyblade fight against socko and i was useing dranzer gt and dranzer came out of the blade and pichuscute was init he was useing bistol and drigergt was in it he was useing driger ms and that is all i could remember
I while ago I had this dream about Me, Rocky, BeyBrad, Kidtala, Beyunit and Giga were in the world championships like the anime. I was like Daichi and hated the plane Grin
Wow cool Grin
Who was I like (wish I hadn't asked but oh well)?
Well, you were like Kai, being quite in the corner, but when it was your match you played hardcore! BeyBrad was Tyson and we kept having arguments XD
Grin Awesome. That is a cool dream
And i slept for like 13 hours then (from about 10 pm untill 11am XD)
Who won?
Errrrrrr......I think we did because we all started screaming Chocked_2
Haha. That's the best dream ever. XD

Who was cheif? Eee
I think Beyunit was because he kept saying stuff like:

'Look at this cool combo kidtala use it before you play blitzkrieg boys'
Joyful_2 Beyunit is funny
Rocky was Ray and she was being really helpful to the team
And I remember a vivid picture saying 'to be continued...'
I hope the dream comes to you guys + we were called WBO All stars like PPB All stars (sheesh i didnt know i could remember all this stuff!)

I think I've had some WBO related dreams before. I tend to confuse dreams with reality so I don't always remember them. Though I think there was a dream where it was after the apocalypse and only WBO members survived. I don't know how the everyone else died (bomb possibly) but there was rubble and bodies everywhere.......and then a load of WBO members. D:
one dream i had was me eating oatmeal idk why
^^ lol, assuming you were talking about Drigers dream.

Yay! I get to be Ray. He has smexy hair. :3 I hope we got cool jackets......
Rocky - we should rebuild earth! We are all young (even Brad) so within 40 years we could at least have 1 town in each city lol!

I love talking at late night on WBO!
I wanted to be ray (as i like maria :3)
HAHAHAA. I love it that you have to point out that Brad's still young. XD

That's a point anyways. If you're 10 shouldn't you be in bed in the middle of the night? XD No offence or anything but when I was 10 I went to bed at about 10........granted I didn't get to sleep for a while but I was at least in my bed. ^^;

And you like Mariah. Awwwww.
I am in bed :\ just on my laptop....
Dammit I need to get a laptop. *super jealous*
well going sleep now anyway - bye
If you want a laptop get the Acer Aspire One...just pointing out *Not Guilty for spamming*
Not a chatroom, guys.
i dont know y and i have no clue who the people r i am about to talk about(in real life anyway) but i had this dream that my team the face hunters had rockey me and driger just got the team started (this is the new mf beyblades im talking about) and rockey was the girl from rays team driger was ray and i was tyson and we where haveing a three way beybattle the beybrade or in this case diachi just challanged me out of no where and he had black pegasus. then i thought to myself he looks like a good blader so i better use my ulimate beyblade. so i used the ulitamet beyblade and i beat him in 11 second and he got mad and said that he would beat me someday and all the ther diachi stuff and then i woke up. it was sort of like drigers dream but my ulitmate beyblade is real and has never lost a battle and i have it with me right now
last night i had a dream where kanye west paid me $5000 to have sex with a friend of mine in a bouncy castle

also kanye west draws all his talent and power from a castle with a giant sword embedded in it

at the end of the dream he jumped out of a helicopter into a lake and was never heard from again

LMAO @ the above two posts.
I want to know how people keep dreaming about the members on this forum so much........ I mean, I've only dreamt about Beyblade a few times =\. I haven't dreamt and remembered it for a long time. I know I dreamt last night but I forgot about what. My memory isn't exactly good. XD