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Country: Registration Date: Sep. 22, 2008 Birthday: Nov. 19, 1993 (30 years old)

I got into beyblade arounf the time that the F series beys were around and the anime was during the russia arc well i thought beyblade was a card game i forgot how i relize it was a top a neiborhood friend gaved me first bey dranzer flame i know that pro bladers say its not very good but i didn't know that i builed up my question at first i was a fan of dragoon i beleve i can't remeber and tyson well im still am a fan of them but my friend valiant hes a member got into beyblade at its peak in america we battled but we used a cardboard box not fun at all...around 2008 i discoverd takara but beleve it or not during the time i first got into it i had a takara dragoon storm but i didn't know about limited editions or takara stadiums till 2008 when i discoverd keyblader007 youtube account than i joined this site before it became wbo i will admit i couldn't stand the members attdiute and beybrad no offense i came back not to long ago i think the site had change yea i have 40% warning but that does not mean im not trust owrthy i think all the members has to get used to my i don't take crap attidute but im a good guy and im hopeing to battle alot of you guys in the future im hopeing once i get a job and stuff i would love to travle to tournements well if i think of more stuff ill put type it.

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