Spriggan Teeth Difference!

Which layer are you referring to? I've also noticed that my R2's are actually really good as attacking types as well. Their recovery and ability to hold out on bursting right at the edge is incredible. And they have a nice shape to be able to deflect attacks that would typically burst most offensive types. I was actually quite shocked at how well they worked. They're also quite "sticky" I've noticed which may explain it but I've not noticed any irregularities in actual battle outside of what you would expect from an endurance type layer, eg, recovery, ability to hold on to even at the edge, whereas some layers will simply come apart after a collision because it can't hold on very well such as in my experience with the S2 layer I have, which actually seems to have a horrible habit of hitting its opponent, deflecting and then bursting once it has grip on the stadium again. Its proven to be EXTREMELY frustrating as spryzan is my favourite from the show... (Closely followed by excalius hehe)
(Feb. 02, 2017  7:28 AM)TwitchK9 Wrote: Which layer are you referring to?

Original Sprigen/Sprizen.
(Feb. 02, 2017  11:16 AM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: Original Sprigen/Sprizen.

Ahh. Yea I found I had the same results until after a few big collisions bursts with the other bey and spryzen and/or fusion just seemed to deteriorate to a largely uncompetitive level. I also had my first fusion tip become unusable after a huge collision w/ an odax that just damaged the internal structure of the tip. I've thrown it now but a large section of the deep red plastic had turned almost white from the stress of the impact.
R2 from hasbro has a similar slopes but it still less effective than roktavor to resist burst on attack type. But i actually working on r2 down zephir and it work pretty well as staller and attacker but its totaly different from my roktavor heavy variable.

For spriggan here we have stated the takara tomy variation teeth from different spriggan layer. I think its ok to talk about spryzen.but not the entire burst system from  the two brands
Yea sorry for getting a little off topic. It just upset how my favourite from the show can't work with the power I launch with which sucks...but it is good to have a bit of fun with due to the shape of the teeth being so unpredictable it gives some really fun battles especially against less experienced players, eg someone that doesn't understand different angles on the launch and such. But I personally can't effectively use the spryzen layers competitively.