Sonic the Hedgehog

I liked it, except for the loadings.
(Jul. 03, 2009  2:48 AM)Sam Wrote: There needs to be a Sonic suit in the next Mario.
(Jul. 24, 2009  9:32 PM)firelord767 Wrote: I never played that one, due to the lack of an Xbox or a ps2. Was sonic 2k9/sonic06/sonic360/ whatever else you want to call it really as bad as people say?

2K6 was released on PS3, and 360. And it's probably one of the worst big budget games ever made.
Good to know that sonic is moving in the right direction...
(Jul. 25, 2009  10:59 PM)firelord767 Wrote: Good to know that sonic is moving in the right direction...

Lmao, I wish it was. Unhappy
I' ve always liked to follow the adventure of a small, blue hedgehog. Had its own bundle, and the enemy - Dr. Eggmana. Amused me in this anime a lot of things, but do not talk about a fairy tale, but about the game. So ... In the game' s most liked Bosses, which is repeated with greater force. Struggled with something that is already defeated, what one knows, but it was also another, further improved. Image game was very nice and welcoming to play.
(Nov. 28, 2009  9:13 PM)Zack Wrote: but do not talk about a fairy tale,

what the?
We discuss the game, not anime (fairy tale), right?
yes but i wouldn't refer to the anime as a 'fairy tale'
i rember the 1st movie that they made of it had things from sonic 2 like the robo sonic and i think even knuckles made an aperance in the movie
yeah knuckles was in it and i liked that movie but sonic got owned by mecha (robo) sonic though
In SA2B (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle), I have A's in all five missions in City Escape, Metal Harbor, and Green Forest. I have a couple A's in some others, but I actually have an A in Crazy Gadget Smile.
anyone play sonic heroes? the final boss was solid for team sonic and i mean really tough.
(Nov. 29, 2009  12:07 AM)bey tempest Wrote: anyone play sonic heroes? the final boss was solid for team sonic and i mean really tough.

I have it. I beat Team Rose (obviously, it's so easy), I'm not sure where I'm stuck in Chaotix, Dark I'm stuck on the Egg Albatross with Team Dark, and the Castle with Team Sonic (The second level)

And do you realize in Sonic Adventure 2, where you fight Shadow the first time, that platform where you fight him is the end of the level? You do the whole level for no reason!
hey sonicmanexe have you got sonic and the black night pretty cool and hard game imo.
Yup. It was going to be better, but one of the staff members came back who still had some kind of right, and now he wants to end Sonic by making it terrible. That's the main reason Unleashed came out of nowhere AND before Black Knight was because of him.
wow never knew that but they shouldn't end it seeing as how popular the franchise is maybe they should make a new anime show or something to revive it a bit or to sell it to a younger audience.
Hopefully with the success of platformers like LittleBigPlanet on PS3 and PSP and New Super Mario Bros. on Wii and DS tells SEGA to stop clowning around with a formula they're not good at. Hopefully Project Needlemouse is a return to good Sonic, in 2D.
I'm worried about Project Needlemouse. They're talking a lot of contridicting nonsense in the interviews i read, and i feel that it might not be what was promised. Remember, they said they were coming back to Sonic's roots in Unleashed, and we saw how well that worked out. If it weren't for SatBK, we might not have a sonic to worry about anymore.

Why can't they just fork over SA3?
Unleashed is Adventure 3.
what would be cool to see is them remaking the orginal sonic games but 2.5D like alot of other sidescroler platform games on PS2 and wii
So with that remake SEGA would have three games called Sonic The Hedgehog, nice.
hahaha theres 2 other sonic games just called sonic the hedgehog Confused?
Please SEGA, don't screw Needlemouse up. It's sounds like the sonic game everyone has been waiting so long for
if they screw up needlemouse that will probably be it for sonic