[Singapore] Singaporean Bladers

Meteo L-drago is sold at Bedok Point for 29.99. Around Bedok don't sell Rock Leone -.-
guys to be honest there r battles every weekend at every toys r us in singapore. i usually battle at toys r us vivo city Pinching_eyes see u guys there
errr guys i also want to know where u find tournaments ??? thxx
anywhere also have beyblade
if cannot find go major shopping mall like toys r us
there is an event tomorrow at vivo city toys r us
Umm.. so where does anyone want to meet? I'm fine with the west side. preferably on a sat morning.
Anyone selling their storm pegasis(must be in good condition)?
Anyone from Singapore west side wanna play against my cyber pegasis?
Ermm i went to singapore and bought ray unicorno and meteo l drago but i couldnt find galaxy pegasis where shud i have bought them?
Anyone selling any colour except White launcher grip, attack stadium and beypointer? Pm me pls.
anyone knows where to buy ray unicorno tgt with a beylauncher?
(Jan. 22, 2011  5:07 AM)fireatwill96 Wrote: Ermm i went to singapore and bought ray unicorno and meteo l drago but i couldnt find galaxy pegasis where shud i have bought them?

you can get them in some comics connection
I'm good in beyblade. Anyone from the East Side in Singapore who wants to battle me PM me.
hey , i'm a blader too. i 'm from vietnam , a friend of mine is going to singapore tomorrow , do any of you guys where to buy beyblade in singapore
Where to buy a black launcher grip,suspension,angle compass and beypointer in Singapore.There is a competition coming on 12th february till 13th february at compass point metro if im not wrong
(Aug. 12, 2010  2:39 PM)kaiserEXE Wrote: Yes,I have one,not like it has any use now though.
Where and when would you like to meet up?

where do you get the beypointer?
Looks like you can find the entire maximum series at Comics connection and minitoons.
There are some good and rare beyblades n accessories at amk hub minitoons
Anyone wants to battle me? I live in Bedok area. Just bought Beypointer and LL-Drago Online from WBO =D
Hi azlan LOL. why buy l drago online? Lol. And let's meet up and blade some day Smile anyway we stay east area.
where to get beypointer in singapore?i dun mind going to the other side of singapore to get a beypointer
Lol. I bought for fun? You can't get from Singapore.. You can get it from wwqqyang though. Anyways, i bought Dragoon S from Shade_Koopa
erm guys izit better to get a Burn Phoenix or a Flame Libra cuz they r the same prise
Aafiiq I selling beypointer. Pm me if interested. And azlan seriously, WHEN WANNA PLAY?Smile
Hehe, Tomorrow at TRU Tampines. Roughly around 2pm -4pm. I want 20 stamps. Will be using Vulcan Horuseus 90R2f/RF, since i don't have any other attack type wheel. Unless you want me to use Defense/Stamina combo, you won't be winning. Both in Attack and Stamina.