[Singapore] Singaporean Bladers

nah,united square has a lot of ppl,and ambassador too gd
Well, then, we don't have stadiums, and we don't usually have time to go out and bring stadiums, what about the playground near the shopping center 百美 supermarket. there's a grass field in front of there too, the supermarket's yellow. Just comment about which of my suggestions do you think is the most helpful, i'll keep giving suggestions until we reach a consensus.
well, to be completely correct, I only have Beyblade stadiums, 1 scratched like hell and the other with one GIANT hole in one of the barriers, but they're from other series of beyblade before metal fight. If you guys are okay with those then, I can bring one too.
i have one,pretty gd condition....an like only 2 of us in the fourm.
Darn... WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE REST OF YOU!!! Oh yeah, are you taking part in the Beyblade tournament at United Square on 5th Septemer? Its free. Here's a link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Beyblade-S...0442206389
(Jul. 31, 2010  8:29 AM)nathanwidjaja Wrote: OH...where do u meet anyway
and are they gonna bring the bey ta machine into singapore?

No, Japan cancelled the project in other countries and is now only available in Japan to Japanese Bladers
cool, see you there at 11:00 am
(May. 09, 2010  4:29 PM)XDBeyblade Wrote: Where do they sell beyblades in Singapore?

u can get some beyblades from toys r us at least there is where i got mine from.
I didn't know there was a tournament.
I rather play safe and use a defense type combo.
(Sep. 08, 2010  5:44 PM)kaiserEXE Wrote: carp.
I didn't know there was a tournament.
I rather play safe and use a defense type combo.

KaiserEXE... You're KaiserEXA aren't ya?

Btw sorry guys for not being on the forums lately.
I HAVE AN IDEAA!!! I live in SG so we should meet somewhere nearest to each other... I'm near Compassvale...Not really a place for a Blader haha...cb liao i got no one to play with Tired"
Someone arrange this

Date: Saturday, Oct 9th 2010
Time: 3 o'Clock SG Local Time
Venue: (You think)
Event name: Singaporean Blading (not nessasary)

Do think of a Venue! I should be checking for Updates on my father's iPhone or my PSP.
me too, i am from sg. but i gonna use old beyblades.
I don't mind using old Beyblades, just one problem, I need a new launcher grip and someone needs to lend us their Bey Stadiums Joyful_3ll
well, i have 1 blue endurance one. but its not exciting for a match.[/align]
speaking of which, does any1 else still have old beyblades?
yeah, exams. oh carp. And yes, I really live in singapore. But location I think problem leh. I live in Woodlands, so only can go vista point or causeway point. I only 10 you know? Eee Oh, and I use P. Serpent, and I can bring my blue attack one. any problems?
Also, I wish they could hold touraments in Singapore.... Unhappy
Edit - YAY! They're holding a tournament in Singapore! This Sunday, Vivocity! SCORE!
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(Oct. 29, 2010  2:36 PM)JJ334 Wrote: No replies... Unhappy
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Well.... Sorr-ee...
Any one participating in the upcoming tournaments? I believe there is this league thing going on.