Should we ban Basalt?

Poll: Should any changes be made?

Do not change the rules.
Ban the Basalt Metal Wheel entirely.
Basalt's use should be restricted in some way (post your suggestions).
Total: 100% 331 vote(s)
sounds like things have kinda gotten out of hand with mfb lol
yeah, definitely lol.
The power creep is so bad that even Basalt's stay in Tier 1 isn't definite.

Diablo is 52g, the MW alone, that is, 5g heavier than Basalt, and it looks pretty angry.

Dat power creep.
The weight variations problem going on terrifies me, concerning Diablo. If it can fluxuate by as much as 4-5g, the world will end.
I wasn't just kidding when I said "inb4 58g sonokong diablo kills metagame", I'm legitimately concerned that that might eventuate. Heck, Diablo is still 5g heavier than basalt, and 2-3g heavier than the heaviest wheels we've heard of even with the weight fluctuations.

Of course, I trust everyone has their eyes closely on each new release now, especially our bloated friend Diablo.
I suppose the only good thing is that SonoKong isn't constantly releasing these overweight wheels, are they? (to a point you are sure that nearly every single SK you get will indeed be heavier, that is.)
I mean good god if they are, we're all doomed!

Should we ban new releases LOL
It seems like TT has been able to find a consistent way of making people upgrade to keep the revenue flowing.. The main issue with the way they're doing it is they are always teetering on the edge of destroying the meta with a single release.
There is actually a thread that this discussion actually belongs in in the Beyblade General forum, lol. "Where is this game going?" is about exactly this, so we should probably move this there, instead of an old Basalt thread...