[Selling]  Takara Tomy Beys in Delaware

Hello everyone.  If theres any Beybladers living in or near the Delaware Coast in the U.S. stop by the Red Bandana Toy store. My Son started a TT Beyblade consignment store inside Red Bandana (in hopes of starting a tournament scene out here) and we'll be keeping it stocked.  All W.B.O. forum members will get a 15% discount on beyblade inventory. Just let the store owners, Katie or Brandon know.  

 Contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for check this out.

I am excited that that will finally be a place where I can buy TT Beys in the US, and it's only one state away! Easily worth the tolls!

I worry that because this thread does not follow the Beymarket subforum rules, it might be closed.
"All sellers must post photos of their items with a visible copy of their username written/printed on a piece of paper to verify that they possess the item they are selling. Threads which do not have this will be closed."
Would you place post a picture of your current stock of TT Beys in Red Bandana? Make sure it reads "NoahRC51" in some way. I believe the image link you have provided so far is broken.

Barring that, could you tell us what's currently in stock?

The only other store I know of that sells TT Beys is in LA. And they don't have anything I want. Also I'm on the wrong coast for that.
This. As a Delaware guy, I'd love to go somewhere like this, but I'd need to see the stock.
I called to ask what they had, and the person working there sent me some pictures. I got permission to post them!

[Image: 2z56ezs.jpg]
[Image: huq336.jpg]
[Image: 2j4wvet.jpg]
[Image: 2ntbe40.jpg]

They have a large amount of recent beys! Several RBV12, RBV13, RBV14, RBV15! Wizard Fafnir, Giants Grand Valkyrie, ChoZ Valkyrie, Alter Chronos,  a Revive Phoenix recolor (unsure if blue/silver/gold wing), Dead Phoenix, Archer Herculesm and Emperor Forneus are definitely there. The prices vary, many of them are recolor versions, and it looks like they have a fairly large stock. The prices do tend to vary between $22 up to $45 for the rarer recolors. Considering the effort it takes to get beys into the US, the prices seem fine to me.

It looks like the RBVs have stickers confirming their contents.

Overall an excellent stock, if I'm ever in the area I'm definitely making a stop there!

Give me a bit to fix those image links.
Just a warning, sold out of Silver Wing.
Cause I bought it.
(Jun. 08, 2019  4:40 PM)FuryWingsYT Wrote: Just a warning, sold out of Silver Wing.
Cause I bought it.

Thank you for stopping by and picking that up I appreciate it. I actually got four more. I'll be restocking the place this week a lot more new stuff. If there's anything anybody in the area wants to see in hand at the store please let me know and I will see what I can do about getting it in stock. I understand it's always nice to see the product before actually buying it.