[Seattle, Washington] and west side beybladers?

OOH! ME! MEMEME! I'm moving to Washington very soon around this June and I wanted to go to a tournament SO BADLY but no one hosted any in my area! I'm 16 now but I've wanted to join a tournament since I was 8 but never could...;-;
I know nobody wants to come to the East Side of WA, but I own a brewery in Sunnyside, WA (3 hours from Spokane, Seattle or Portland) and we have an all ages taproom. I would totally be willing to organize and host a tournament/meetup at my place, but I haven't commented enough on this forum to be able to be an organizer yet. Anyone interested? I would think probably like a Saturday or a Sunday in July?
I know its an old thread but if any of you can get a tournement in seattle you can bet ill be there
Let's get this bey scene bursting. I'm new to the game but have been a geek for years 😂. I play alot of magic at local card shops and would love to start getting some bey action going. I'm working hard to become an organizer. Hope to get some tourneys running.
Ive tryed you g tournements but the finance is to high, but if you could get some metal limited tournements that would be great!
You should hold some tournaments! I’m in upper Oregon, so it takes me about 40-50 min to get to Seattle.