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Country: United States Registration Date: Feb. 07, 2017 Birthday: Apr. 30, 2003 (17 years old)

Hello everyone. My Beybrain. BAHAHAHAHA I'M THE GREATEST BLADER EVER!!! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT BEYBLADE! Nyee! I know everything that happens in the Metal series and the Burst series! My favorite character in the Metal series is Gingka! (No not just because he's the only one I know. I know all of the characters dang it I'm not the most passionate die-hard beyblade fan for nothing. I just think he is awesome! :3) And in Burst my favorite is Xander because of his ferocious personality! Second favorite is Free de la Hoya! Now aside from that...(Maniacal laughter) You can title me as a Beyblade Brainiac! But I'm not only that but an infamous pro as well! Sure I haven't been able to join any tournaments BUT THAT'S B/C THEY'RE TOO FAR AND IT MAKES ME CRY CAUSE I WANT TO GO SO BADLY! ;-; But...I am the best blader I know. I haven't found anyone challenging to battle for years. They always had to borrow my OP beyblades. Infact, I have a collection of 106 beyblades! Including spin offs! :D It helps sharpen my skills! Doy. Okay that is enough. NOW ABOUT THE GREATEST BLADER'S PERSONALITY! >:3 I am actually a very emotional and quirky kind of person. If you've seen me, I'd always be beaming or swinging my arms playfully! ...Or talking to myself and doing things that might seem weird to others...derp. I have autism but oh well. Otherwise, some describe me as weird, and others describe me as a very cheerful person! Happy! //>ω:3 The reason why is because I HAVE A VERY STRONG FIGHTING SPIRIT! NYEEYEGHYEEYEGH!!! Okay dat is enough. I IS STRANGE PERSON DERPY DERP! Okey. Dat is all. But one last thing. I will be the world's #1 true strongest. Just you wait. ?Hahaha...haha... HAHAHAHA okay bye. Doy! ?

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