Scythe (Metal Fury) Gil LW160SB Testing

So, I was goofing around with limited combos and decided to do some testing. I grabbed Earth Unicorno 100RSF and a friend, then LET IT RIP!
(Results may be retested as you will.)

Scythe Gil LW160BS VS Earth Unicorno 100RSF
Unicorno:6 OS 60%
Gil: 4 OS 40%
This was all I had time for, but I will do more testing.
Tests are supposed to be conducted in the BB-10 or Super Control Stadium (or the gold Sonokong stadium), as they are tournament legal. The Firestrike stadium provides a disadvantage with the 3 grooves.

These can't really be taken as proof because of the difference in stadiums. Sorry Uncertain
as Hato said, test must be done in BB-10 MFB Attack Type Stadium or BBC-03 Super Control Stadium

also i think you are testing this for LTD?

i have scythe maybe i can help you testing out.

just a suggestion try replacing BS with BSF or CS if you want balance and PD or SD if you want pure stamina

also i really don't think there's any point testing Stamina Types against defence [unless there is anything strange in result or] as Stamina is mostly going win. it good to test but i think you should mainly against stamina and balance then defence and attack