Scythe (Metal Fury) Discussion

(Sep. 12, 2012  7:43 PM)Cosmic Wrote: could someone do Scythe Kronos 85RS becasue i heard that beyblade if you use TT scyhte kronos is a very hard beyblade to stadium out. soo can someone try the HASBRO Scythe Kronos 85RS vs Flash Orion 100R2F? and the Scythe Kronos Hasbro beyblade sounds very bad. i wonder if its worse than the hasbro blitz striker... jeez...

It is really not that bad of a wheel (for Hasbro standards). But, I doubt that you can even use 85 on the Hasbro Scythe since it overhangs the track so much. I bet it will scrap itself to death. I will try it out when I get a few min.

I'm an avid user of the custom MF-H Scythe (TT) ______ 85RS, and while it overhangs the track it doesnnt have a scraping problem. I really do not think the Hasbro Scythe would work well at all, seeing as the only reason the TT custom works is because the free-spinning PC frame absorbs hits, something the Hasbro Scythe obviously cannot do. Not only that, but AFAIK the Hasbro Scythe is even lighter than the already featherweight TT Scythe, further hurting its chance at defensive prowess.

Regarding your test, everyone recommends only using Flash on tracks of 105-height or taller, though to be honest I don't know why (I never had problems with scraping on tracks as low as 90, haha!).
Well I just did some informal tests (don't have enough time for formal right now). Flash Scorpio 100R2F has no problem KOing it, however, if MF-Scythe Kronos 85RS gets a wall save Flash usually gets KOed.

A few interesting notes:
Flash couldn't KO it straight out of the center, it had to tap it out of the center first.
Scythe didnt scrape on its own.
A few battles Flash actually OSed Scythe because it knocked it around enough that Scythe started scraping
I agree with you Ingulit, never had an issue with Flash scraping once.

I will try to do some formal tests of this done tonight and post them tomorrow.

Edit: I tried a few more quick battles and had a bad launch with Flash that resulted in a tornado stall, I decide to let it go and see what would happen. When it finally got to the middle and made contact with Scythe, after a few hits Scythe toppled, scraped, and died. So I tried it again, this time tornado stalling on purpose, and had the same result.

Double Edit:
MF-Scythe (Hasbro) Kronos 85RS vs. Flash Scorpio 100R2F
Standard Procedure
Straight Shot Scythe
Banked/Sliding shot Flash
SK - 4 wins (3 OS, 1 KO)
FS - 16 wins (8 OS, 8 KO)
1 Tie that was redone
Scythe win % = 20%

Notes for the formal tests (Click to View)
Deleted, your welcome.
No, we don't all hate Hasbro and some of us are very much tired of seeing all this Hasbro bashing from relatively unhelpful members.

As for your tests there's a very clear testing result format you've failed to follow and I have no clue what the hell you're testing.
All of us hate Hasbro? Nah, not me. They give me competitive parts, even if it usually is paired with an outclassed Metal Wheel.

You're acting suprised that E230 stopped Flash?
Not surprising. At all.

And what the hell was the Clear Wheel?
The tip?
Was there a Metal Face?
And more importantly, how on earth are we supposed to read those results? There's a very clear one set up, and it even has a stickied thread, right here in the customizations forum.
This discussion ruined my hopes on MF Scythe Gasher BD145ESD. Which I already made and love.
MF Cosmic Unicorno TH170R2F vs. MF Scythe (Hasbro) Aquario BD145RS
Scythe always launched first.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Cosmic: 4 (1 OS, 3
Scythe : 16 (1 OS, 15
Cosmic Win %: 20.0%
Scythe Win %: 80.0%

I guess this is RS's doing.

Scythe Aquario 105DS vs. Duo (Stamina Mode) Aquario 105DS
Duo launched first on even launches, Scythe launched first on odd.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Scythe : 12 (11 OS, 1
Duo: 8 (8 OS, 0
Scythe Win %: 60.0%
Duo Win %: 40.0%

Okay, I have no clue what happened here, but I have WD's to use now, so I'll re-do this.
I have a hasbro Scythe fusion wheel, and Iam not a big fan of it, the only combo it seems to well with is,
Scythe Bull BD145EDS.
I thought about it being an attack wheel because of its wideness and solid metal upper/smash attack characteristics but it scrapes way to bad, even on a 105 spin track, and its extremly out classed in means of Attack, Defense, And Stamina By better wheels... Perhaps puting it on a medium level track as a balance type bey would work (just for fun, not comptetive play)