SR200 Discussion

Unfortunately I only have 1 Duo, so I'm unable to do any Duo vs Duo tests right now.

Standard Procedure Stuff:

Stamina Tests (Click to View)

Defense Tests (Click to View)

As of right now I'm not sure what to make of SR200. It doesn't seem terrible at least, but I think I really need to play around with it some more.

Meh, not too good of a track IMO, but it did better than I expected.
I'm hoping tests in a zero g stadium will be a lot more fruitful. Also with the Duo SR200 tests could you do the same tests against duo combos with Phantom? Cause it could just be winning because your Duo is better than your Phantom and have little to do with the track.
How about SR200 on CS in Zero G and regular stadium?
I would love to see some attack testing with SR200. Since Variares had some decent performance with A230 I would love to see it with SR200. I also believe this will be a great track for Hasbro Jade.

When I was doing my Gryph Goreim TH220BSF tests, the whole time I was wondering how much better it would be if I had SR200. I think it is going to be great to have a track at this height that feels more solid than TH170.

This might sound strange, (Click to View)
I Was Expecting It To Do Better But I Guess Its Ok
9 tests were done and you are already writing it off as ok. Very nice productive input. If you are not going to make suggestions or give alternate ideas you could at the very least thank the person that put in the time to do these tests. Sorry mods, I expect a warming for this post, but it will be worth it.

Byser, thank you, and I look forward to any future SR200 tests you have the time to do. Any attack tests of your pick would be great.
Do you happen to have Cosmic or two Ifraids Byser?
Could you test MF-H Cosmic Kerbecs/Unicorno I/II SR200R²F, and MSF/-H Ifraid Ifraid SR200R²F against MF-H Duo (Stamina Mode) Aquario/Sagittario II BD145RCS/RDF?
I wanna see if SR200 can be used on some Force Smashers as well. Grin
And can we get Hasbro Jade tests too? Also, how wide is this track? Can you get some measurements?
heres some cs tests with the zero g stadium
Benchmark for attack please. I must question your ability with attack, considering BD145 achieves worse results than your Flash test, and certainly appears to be more defensive. Good tests though.
I cleaned your post up a bit, made the results a bit easier to read.
You should practice on getting everything very organized, it makes things easier for everyone!

Anyways, on the actual performance of SR200, I'm not surprised with the first set of results. Duo has a significant amount of more Stamina than Revizer, due to infinitely better balance.

The second set of tests also isn't surprising. RS's poor Stamina along with E230's poor Stamina, even with a great wheel for it, still won't give it the upper hand in a pure Stamina vs. Stamina showdown. CS has quite a bit more than RS, and SR200 than E230.

Now, onto the third set of tests. This is what I'd look more into. I don't know much about how Flash performs on heights around 160 (due to not owning 160, SR200, or SA165, however I do have LW160) but I find it quite interesting that Flash was lower, and should in theory have good contact with SR200. Could you do some benchmark tests, and explain how Flash made contact a little more in depth? Thanks.
Afterwords i did some games just for fun and flash got under revizer a lot more than in the tests leading to a lot of KOs. Flash won most of the time although that was with revizer wyvang sr200 cs for some reason with revizer revizer he never makes contact with the track, or kos much. i don't know if this is due to my lack of attack expierience in the zero g stadium, or it just being a good setup, my flash and r2f are brand new.

That's the one apparently read that you were using a zero g stadium. This thread is for BB-10 only, so you need to move these results to the zero g subforum.
Oh damn, I completely missed that. Now the results make much more sense...
ohh sorry i was wondering why you wanted the benchmark...
I will be doing some tests too. The but when bb10 stadium arraives
i can do bb 10 tests though