Ryu-X's Avatar and Signature Shop [CLOSED for requests]

Poll: Good Signatures and Avatars?

*pulls shotgun out*
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These are poorly done and the animations hurt my eyes when I see them around the forums.

The only reason people like them is because they similarly lack any sense of taste.
Truly, that is a bit rude. Sorry if the animations hurt your eyes. I will note everytime to make them slower. I don't know why I forgot to.

And if you like it? You lack taste as well. Truly, if people like them, I don't see why anyone has such a problem with them. If you truly want to make signatures and avatars, please do them yourself. I started this signature and avatar shop for the enjoyment and pleasure of the people I make them for. They like it, and I made it specifically for them, and putting them down like that is very inconsiderate, especially for them, when they were wanting a good signature and avatar for once, and liked what I did. You can see already from All Gen Blader above you, he is satisfied already, even when his signature is not done. Your post was not only rude to the people who requested signatures and/or avatars, but also to me, and I work hard to make these images.

And Ga'HooLeone, I will work on it. The text was not meant to blend in, but to compiment the background, and for the backgroudn to compliment the text. What is the complimentary color of orange? Blue.

Ah yes, CosmicDestroyer, I'll work on it tomorrow. I'm actually at a friend's house right now, but I will be able to make it tomorrow, and possibly tonight if my friend's mom can get done with work on it. I promise that I am doing everything I can to get yours done.

GAM3FR3AK, I will fix yours. Like I said with CosmicDestroyer, I'll try to get it in tonight, but that chance is very slim.

I will slow down all the animations, and I will send the updated versions to the customers via PM.

I appreciate criticism, but not so much as they actually put me, or my customers down.
I think he meant the animations hurt because they're bad...?

But All Gen Blader is a nice kid...
They are hardly the best references to have. I am honestly trying to phrase it as nicely as I possibly can without coddling anyone.

As for the "if you don't like it do better", I am aware that I am not great with graphics, which is why I do not have a signature shop. However, it is like saying you can only assess pig-dirt on a plate as inedible, disgusting muck and not food unless you are a chef.

Nano: No, they quite literally hurt my eyes. And, being nice =/= having taste.
Frankly, animations like that are always going to look bad, no matter what speed you do them at, because of how abrupt the change is (there is no transition etc). Animations can be done well, look at Kai-V's avatar. However, this kind of animation will never look good.

I will attempt to fix them, to make them fade into each other.
actually could you make the letters on mine fade in and out? sorry if its so late i just thought of it then
actually if the animation is fast, it will create a "seem-less" motion, but sometimes needs to be "slow".
these are pretty much Basic animation, if i will tell you. go to the "GFX thread" so we can help you "Improve" and learn some tutorials around the net.

(unless you want spinning animations, you better contact me XD)
Not a problem, CosmicDestroyer. It'll take me a while cause I'm gonna go to the GFX thread to try to improve it so on your sig it will be good.
around when will mine be updated so I will know when to check back here
Dex's shop closed, so may as well request it here....
Text: Gravity Storm
Picture(s): Juliet Ceasar (gravity destroyer's blader) with Medusa popping up behind him from the show.
Color(s): I guess could the text be gray? The clip kinda has a bacround.....
Other: could it be an avatar?
Also may i request more than one thing???

can you make a anime teenager (male). Flaming hair, blue eyes, square framed white glasses. His shirt is a orange v neck. blue jeans and across the picture it has blue letters saying PWND
I can. Signature or avatar?

(Nov. 27, 2011  6:18 PM)LOGANIGHTLEGEND Wrote: Dex's shop closed, so may as well request it here....
Text: Gravity Storm
Picture(s): Juliet Ceasar (gravity destroyer's blader) with Medusa popping up behind him from the show.
Color(s): I guess could the text be gray? The clip kinda has a bacround.....
Other: could it be an avatar?
Also may i request more than one thing???

More than one thing? What do you mean? I can do this for sure.

@All Gen Blader: I can do it tomorrow. Just been super busy over the weekend. I should receive an email with help from my friends.
logan, my shop is closed because of the request... so it doesnt mean i am closed. i am or whattzer is gonna do your request...
avatar and how will you get it to me
this is for ryu13
Really simple. I'll post the image on here, and then, basically, I give you the [IMG] code, and just put it in your signature.

EDIT: For all of you waiting for your signatures, I'm working hard on them, since I've been receiving a lot of criticism lately, and I'm working on what they say could be better. And I have a lot of homework today. Really sorry for the inconvenience, but your signatures/avatars will look great; I promise you that!
I'm just gona copy and pased the Yuki pic because the flash you had was to big but still's good
Hey can you make me a Listentotempo signature and put twisted tempo and his blader on the signature.
A quick question, when will they be ready?
whatup i was wondering if you could make me a sig of:
http://fudoushin.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/01.jpg on the right
and on the left http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BjzDNT0-wOc/To...dooa15.jpg
and http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_YRG3_h4arbU/SV...am00+2.jpg in the middle
Background: black
text: BigBangBladerX1 down the bottom in a sharp lookin font
dont worry about it anymore
I was wondering if you could mkae me a GIF Image of when ryuga is walking into the battle with Tsubasa VS Sophie and Whales (Epsidoe 26)? Also, great work, judging from your past work you put alot of effort into your artowrk
Thank you. I'm sorry to have been late on everyone, I've just been really busy with schoolwork. I will work on it tonight, in the order that they have been received.

Lord L-Drago, do you want this as a signature or avatar?

All Gen Blader, I'll just put the Yuki picture in then.
Alright. And CosmicDestroyer, I've finally managed to fix your signature. Please check back here.

[Image: 10z7r05.gif]
Here is the [IMG] code. [IMG] http://i43.tinypic.com/10z7r05.gif [/IMG]

I'm working on the cutting...still not perfect. Haven't found a site that actually cuts. GIMP doesn't work for some reason.

I realized I did the wrong effect on the words. Sorry about that. It's fixed now.

All Gen Blader! Here is yours.

[Image: a1s93t.jpg]

Here is the [IMG] code: [IMG] http://i43.tinypic.com/a1s93t.jpg [/IMG]
there should be a picture of nemesis on this page one of them should look like it has 5 stars on its chest can you switch it with that maze circle thing pretty please? You don't have to do it immediately, finish everyone else's first