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Full Version: Ryu-X's Avatar and Signature Shop [CLOSED for requests]
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Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my Avatar and Signature Shop!

The title explains itself. Request a signature, or avatar, and I'll make it for you. Be mindful that I have my own life outside of this website, and it may take some time.

Here is the format for requesting Avatars and Signatures:

Important: Please make sure to actually stick to the format. It makes it easier to see what you actually want, since we always want the best for you.

Text: (doesn't have to be anything here if you don't want any text)
Picture(s): (If you just want two colors like it is in my signature, don't post here)
Color(s)Unhappyput what colors you want there)
Other: (post here what else you want if the option is not listed here.)

Other than that, please don't spam in this thread. If you want a discussion, send a PM. And do remember to give me credit, to help pass the word on. I can make the text blink, fade in and out, change color, or go in one letter at a time. Also, if you want the images to change, like in my avatar, do say so. Please make sure to stick to the format, because it makes things much easier for me.


Do not use other sigs made here that were not intended by you. Otherwise I will have your signature reported, for copyright? I believe? But something like that.
Here are some examples of what I make:

[Image: xn6dqg.jpg]
[Image: 2vj51f6.jpg]
[Image: i5p4pf.jpg]
[Image: 2whe4uh.jpg]

So, I can make quite a bit, eh? Enjoy!

Satisfied Customer List

All Gen Blader
sum 472
Good Luck!
Thanks, bro.
Text: Dark Magicians



Other: Just make it shorter i guess. You can put any fitting background as long as it goes with it.

I'll give you credit
Do you want the "Dark Magicians" to blink, go in one letter at a time, or fade in and out, or to change color?

[Image: opcvfo.gif]

Here. How does it look? It's 341 x 200, so it's still within the signature limit, and below is the IMG code. Just take out the spaces in between the [IMG] and the link. If you want something else done to it, just tell me. I want good reviews on this.

[IMG] [/IMG]
Thanks thats fine. I'll give you credit
Thanks. First customer. Were you satisfied?
(Nov. 23, 2011  9:51 PM)Ryu13 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. First customer. Were you satisfied?
Yes you should try to keep this thread going.

I need a signature
A good pic with Kenny and hopper
Yuki and Anubis pic simmilar to your sig just with Yuki
at the bottom the hole time says All Gen Blader
Educate me. Do you have a picture of Kenny and Hopper? Cause I have no idea who Kenny or Hopper are. You want that for your avatar? And then the Yuki and Anubis one for your signature?

Also, what color do you want the "All Gen Blader" text to be?
not that is the sig unless its to long
here's a episode with Kenny and hopper
So which one is the Avatar one? Which one is the signature?

[Image: 212d8hx.jpg]

This one was made for the signature, but if it was meant for the avatar...I can change it.
I can't remember posting on another shop so:

Type: Avatar
Pic: Flashing between:
No text
Thanks if you can do it!
Kenny is a character in Bakuten Shoot Beyblade and Hopper is his Beyblade.
Also Ryu, can I have a signature,

Words: Have my name in green letters of the font ''segoe script."

also can you alternate between that image and this one like in an animation sequence:

The size would be 341 x 200.
[Image: 2unuc76.jpg]

For you, Titi!120x90. Sorry, it wasn't possible to make it bigger than it already was.

Here is the URL.

(Nov. 23, 2011  10:19 PM)Ryu13 Wrote: [ -> ]So which one is the Avatar one? Which one is the signature?

[Image: 212d8hx.jpg]

This one was made for the signature, but if it was meant for the avatar...I can change it.
I meant in the sig have it blink a pic of Kenny his bey than that pic like in the example, I didn't ask for the avatar sorry for the missunderstanding

Ah. Okay, so now I get it. To everyone: I should be able to squeeze a few more signatures and avatars in. I will just be right back, but I'll real quick try to finish up All Gen Blader's signature.

Alright! Got yours in, All Gen Blader, with an epic signature! It has to be a bit smaller, or else it will be over. To everyone, also, if it is too small, I will try to fix it, but remember that there is a limit to how large your signature can be.
[Image: 6qbluu.gif]

This good? If so, here is the IMG code below. Just take out the spaces in between the [IMG] and the link.
[IMG] [/IMG]

And...for you, sum472.

[Image: 2cyl35f.gif]

Naturally, it is still within the signature limit.
[IMG] [/IMG]
It good I was hoping for a pic with HMS hopper but its still vary good and I will recommend you to some of my friends if the ever need any pic for there acounts
Oh, HMS Hopper. Well, hold up. I don't want you to compromise or anything if at all possible! I'll look for the HMS Hopper around. One problem though...I have no idea what HMS Hopper looks like. I think I found a picture on Amazon, but...just want to make sure. You would probably know..
thxs, you can wait and get some others request done first, there no hurry
There are actually no other requests. So far, anyway. I'm currently looking for that Hopper.
It's awesome Smile thanks! I'll give you credit
No prob! Refer your friends! I could use some more people here. Glad you like it!
All your doing is taking an image, adding text, and making it flash.
Takes about a minute to do after finding the image (which is provided most of the time)
? What was your point? I'm actually going to be getting a more complicated photoshop system soon. What was your point in posting this, if I may ask?
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