Rubber recoil testing

(Apr. 26, 2021  1:57 PM)USN Wrote:
(Apr. 26, 2021  1:04 PM)g2_ Wrote: I have been arguing against some people that Brave Valkyrie's rubber decreases it's attack power, after doing some testing, I'm 99% confident it's true. I have a fake Brave Valkyrie and it's hits much harder both same spin and opposite spin. I feel like rubber only decreases recoil, which is why it worked so well on things like Lord Spriggan or Drain Fafnir. What do you guys? Could the legendery g2_ be wrong? Just kidding, of course I'm not wrong. I'm g2_. Ok, just kidding, seriously, what do you guys think?

you should change your control. A fake beyblade is not a good test subject. Saying rubber decreases recoil is correct but there is a trade off. The rubber on takara tomy products is so hard that it does not really matter except for one thing. Friction. Rubber increases friction which makes your bey hit harder because it is in contact for longer.

Even hard rubber deforms a bit on impact which reduces force of impact (remember - the same is true for plastic and metal, where a slope of the same angle will provide upper attack of plastic but upward smash if metal). Grip is something, but it really depends what you're aiming for, historically rubber was more useful in opposite spin as it let Meteo in mfb kinda just roll things out of the stadium. Admittedly I'm not sure how much of that translates to burst, mostly just wanted to point out the flex thing.

At the end of the day the best way to tell what's best will always be well controlled testing, though. Claims in the OP are somewhat pointless without properly controlled testing. "I think" does not 20 rounds make.

(Apr. 26, 2021  2:10 PM)valtaoi_007 Wrote: all the beys that should have soft rubber are:
Drain fafnir
Geist fafnir
wizard fafnir (the reason it bursts too much is because of the recoil and friction the soft rubber makes)
Spriggan Requiem
Judgement joker
Lord Spriggan
 The reason it bursts is because the teeth aren't exposed on the layer, like imperial this issure was fixed with the RB that has Wizard bahamut