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(Name's so original, right?)

It's time for another VA tourney, everyone!

This event will be held at the same venue as last time, Cosmic Castle, at 3224 Brambleton Avenue. Those of you that own an Attack Stadium, or any other stadiums for that matter, and are attending, feel free to bring them, but they'll only be used for free play. Smile

In addition, we'll be providing pizza again, free of charge, and the hobby shop will have drinks for sale! Eee
(Sorry Gingka, no burgers!)

Registration will begin at 12:00pm, end at 1:00, and the event itself should begin shortly after.

Full Round Robin

$5 entry fee + standard WBO fees.


Scythe Kronos T125EDS, Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F, & Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.

Just a reminder to everybody attending, don't forget to read-up on the rules before you head on over:
Standard Rules

Confirmed Attendees:
1. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
2. (✿◠‿◠)
3. Tanker
4. X-Monster
5. Guitar Wolf
6. Hobo
7. JohnnyBoy
8. Flameos
9. pryan
10. lightvsdark99
I am pretty sure i can come, and Ill bring my Attack stadium if you need it
Angry Face
Post back here if you're confirmed. Smile

I'm going to buy another stadium before the tournament, but thanks anyways. You can still bring yours for free play, though.
put me down as possible
Angry Face
No problem, hope you can make it!
Woohoo! 100% I'm going there btw I'm Connor and my trustworthy knockout bey sidekick is flame gemios never failed me and I'm not stopping now! Trust me I'll be there no doubt about it!Joyful_2Joyful_2
Angry Face
Great, I look forward to battling you, but don't forget to talk to your parents beforehand and read-up on the rules as well. Wink
Ok can u plz put my name on confirmed atenndants and wat r the common wbo fees. Also yes ur name is original XD
And I hav a speed launcher is that that alowed
Angry Face
If your parents are okay with driving an hour and a half to get here, no problem. And the standard WBO fee is $5 without a Bladers Passport. A Passport costs $10 and allows you to bypass the $5 fee for a whole year.
Ok thx and wat about the launcher
Angry Face
All of your questions can be answered by reading the rule guide, which I've conveniently just made a link to in the OP. Wink
What is a speed launcher anyway ?
the big dark blue luanc.... HEY ur one of the leaders of the site!!! watev anyways launchers that record how fast u pull the cord dur Tongue_out
Oh, the "Rip Gauge Launcher" ? Sure, that is fine.
ok thx
wait r u gonna be there cuz i wanna push it to the point that i might need luck

push my bey and push ur karma
Unfortunately no, I live in Canada and I have school and work like everybody else, hah.
Angry Face
(Feb. 06, 2012  10:45 PM)Kai-V Wrote: What is a speed launcher anyway ?

Wate, wut?

Did I miss something?

EDIT: Huh... My computer didn't show his edit until just now, and I still can't see it on my phone.
Yup u sur did
And HAZEL is it necessary to attach a moderator on someone that joined yesterday
(Feb. 07, 2012  9:51 PM)Flameos Wrote: And HAZEL is it necessary to attach a moderator on someone that joined yesterday
Is it really necessary to post 1 word post? Think before you post if your post is necessary or related to this thread that's fine but something like "ok" or "I'm getting Stronger or (stupid stuff)" will be warned or get deleted. Again "think before you post"

Angry's is a beast!
This will be an exciting tournament, with pizza Smile
I might not come, it depends, MFB is fading in my life.
Angry Face
(Feb. 08, 2012  10:18 PM)othellog Wrote: Angry's is a beast!
This will be an exciting tournament, with pizza Smile
I might not come, it depends, MFB is fading in my life.

Let's hope you can('t for everyone else's own good, LOL) make it this month!

But if you're losing interest in MFB, there's always plastics, HMS, and (soon) Zero-G to take its place. Grin
Hmph hes right but I don't plan on running from any battles let it rip!
hey flameos aka conner this is your friend Patton so I can't belive you got to the legendary Kai-v your lucky so are you gona use flame gemeos in the face race? well idk what bey im gona use ether my Evil leon 145 d or Rock pegasis Normal attack tipe with 3 bares of Defense and 3 bars of balans and 2 bars of stamina and 5 bars of attack.

Your Friend
Angry Face
Uh, so can I add you to the confirmed list then, pryan?

Oh, and BTW, you do realize that star ratings are entirely inaccurate, right? Scratch that, my Twisted Tempo's gonna totally destroy you.