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I have a total of 52 beys.(Not all have been listed) _______________________________________ Plastics- Dranzer G Dragoon G Some green and black bey? lol _______________________________________ HMS- Dragoon _______________________________________ Hasbro- Storm Aquario 100HF/S Dark Wolf DF145FS Dark Bull H145DS Storm Pegasus(1) 105RF Lighting L Drago 100HF Rock Leone 145WB Evil(Killer) Gemeos DF145FS Earth(2) Eagle 145WD Thermal Pisces T125ES Flame Sagittario C145S Fury Capricorne 100HF Earth Virgo GB145BS Ray Striker D125CS Thunder Leone GB145BS Thermal Lecerta SW130HF _______________________________________ Takara Tomy- Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F Ray Unicorno D125CS Grand Ketos WD145RS Rock Giraffe R145WB Meteo L Drago LW105LF Burn Phoenix 135MS Gravity Perseus AD145WD Super Deck Set(3 beys) Basalt Horogium 145WD Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Big Bang Pegasus F:D L Drago Destroy F:S Gravity Perseus Reshuffle Set Hell Horuseus 85RS Beat Lynx TH170WD Gravity Perseus BD145XF Flame Byxis 230WD Scythe Kronos T125EDS Vari Ares D:D Quetzalcoatl 90WF Jade Jupiter S130RB Screw Fox TR145W²D Screw Lyra ED145MF Virgo DF145BS Pieces D125BS Aries 145D Zero G- Samurai Ifraid(2) Accessories- BB-67 BB-73 BB-84 BB-10 Attack type stadium. Zero G Stadium I think that the wbo is a great community, it has much to it and there is a lot to do. Also, I think that it is usually a good influence to younger children because of people like Arupaeo, Kei, and Kai-V. ( Not to mention all the other mods!) I've really grew-up through the time period I've been on the wbo, in this organization which has been trough a lot. To me it has seemed to change in the way of diversity. The members here have great diversity, everything from rap, to ghost in the shell, to chess. So, even if your not that interested in beyblade, you will still meet new people that share other hobbies, and I guarantee you that your eventually get more evolved in beyblade. Btw, if you need help anything to deal with MFB, HMS, or even how to get beyblade more involved in your community, I'm open for your questions! Other Hobbies: Basketball Tekken ______________________________________

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