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Minho Retired
[Image: 10oh1ee.png]
Hello and welcome to my reviewing company!

Want me to review your story? PM me the link and i'll review your story right here in this thread!

Minho (90 RP)
Sparta (20 RP)
SDamonCronous (20 RP)
sonicsora123 (20 RP)
Temporal (40 RP)
DeX (10 RP)

Name of story:
Who you want to review it:

Instructions for reviewers IMPORTANT!!!
1. Write review.
2. PM review to Bunnii2165
3. Bunnii2165 places your review in OP under your name
4. Done and done!

Are you good at writing? wanna make reviews? then RENEGADE REVIEWS WANTS YOU... pm Bunnii2165 if you think your up for it!


History With Writing:
Why you want to work for Renegade Reviews:
Example of writing:

An example of writing can be either a song, rap, poem or story etc.

Wanna get good at writing? Read this for some basic info: The Writers Hanbook

Must be on the WBO
Story must not be rude or offensive in any way

NOTICE: Reviews are $10 each Reviews in their entireity are FREE!
BUNNII2165's Reviews

SPARTA's Reviews

DEX's Reviews


SONICSORA123's Reviews

TEMPORAL's Reviews

Sorry, we have no spots available.
For Reviewers: Since other people want spots i've come up with a rule system. RP are reputation points. If you ever get under 0 RP you are kicked out, also each spam you make costs you 1 RP. Each review you write gains you 10 RP.

Firstly, i'd like to thank my reviewers and the WBO members who gave me stories. I remember when no one would bother with this thread and now its gone so far.
Secondly, i'd like to thank all the great and not so great stories for they made this thread happen.
Thirdly, I'd like to say thanks to SDC for replacing the temporary banner i had made with the new awesome one!

Thank You!

Have a better banner? Post a new banner and we might just use it for the OP!!!
Katsuya Retired
Thanks For the Review! You should keep this thread Going.
Minho Retired
I will... next review is a story by Nightwolf7919. Up in 10.
Congrats NightWolf. Great start to what i think will be a great story!
Did you read the rest? I have eleven episodes up
Yes, eleven GREAT episodes, I must say.
Minho Retired
ohhh right i see now....

it would be easier to read if you kept the whole story in one post, but anyway i'll update my review
Hah, thanks. I have the 12th one in the screening process, so you can expect it up soon
Minho Retired
your welcome, im looking forward to the 12th!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Accepting one reviewer!!! wanna review peoples stories? Join Renegade Reviews only ONE spot!
Minho Retired
new review is up where we look up The Backwards Beyblade Story. Is it a great idea wonderfully published or a miserable flop, Stay tuned!
Minho Retired
New review up... ]
Minho Retired
New review up
SwiftShadow Retired
Thanks for taking the time to review my story and for the compliment at the end of the review. I'm hoping that people see this review and might read my story. I really think that this reviewing service is a good idea too. I wish you the best of luck in this and your stories. Thanks again!!! Smile
Minho Retired
Your welcome, but honestly it was my pleasure to review your story. it was excellent!!!
I wish you the best in continuing your story!
So do you still have a space open for a reviewer. it would be awesome but im a bit busy. maybe another time.
anyway thanks for reviewing my story. it gave me a few more fans LOL. i will advertise this thread in my sig
Hey, do you mind reviewing my story, if not it's in my signature, by the way, i like the review, i've read a lot of the storys and think you reviewed them well, though i think nightwolfs deserves a ten, but thats just me.
Minho Retired
Okay guys i have a new reviewer...


if you want reviews PM either me or Sparta or post on this thread.
BTW sonicsora if you still want the spot PM me!
new reviews up!
Minho Retired
Minho Retired
BUMP! BTW i made the banner!
Vintage Retired
Wow nice, looks like your reviews are coming along nicely. Smile
Minho Retired
yeah thanks... you changed your name! Vintage was better IMO. it was.... original.
Vintage Retired
(Jul. 18, 2011  6:21 AM)Bunnii2165 Wrote: yeah thanks... you changed your name! Vintage was better IMO. it was.... original.

Haha, this is just temporary. I changed it for a light novel I'm working on.
Minho Retired
oh 0.o cool!
plus i have credit to Vintage not Credit to .Anomaly
Vintage Retired
Lol, I'm gonna change it back, I just need it there so I can remember that I'm working on something. Tongue_out
Minho Retired
oh okay cool! well, we better stop SPAMming this thread Libruhhh

hey if you publish that novel i can review it if you want.
S.D.C Retired
Hey guys, I'm the new reviewer SDamonCronous (just call me SDC or SDamon). Glad to be working here, and I will have the new review of Bunnii's The New Dawn story up as soon as I can get accss to a computer (I am on my phone). I am really looking forward to this story review, it is a great story (and thanks for the review on my story Bunnii, glad you liked it).
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