Recoiling metal wheels and hasbro stadium

Hello guys.. This is my first major thread on WBO.. Please be free to criticise, review..
So,here goes the theory.

Ray a highly recoiling fusion wheel, not ised for combos because being prone to stadium out.

Hasbro stadium (pegasus thunder whip) has 2 exit pockets. But they dont make much of a difference making the stadium very less fun to play in.

Now when ray paired with a stable attacking tip (mf,cs) launched using sliding shoot causes the bey to go in a flower like pattern; which when contacting with the bey can send it to side pockets more often then not. The win ratio of an attack type increases when using a recoiling wheel with stable tip.

Most of the time a top defence tier can easily OS attack types. But using recoil wheel stable tip; ratio of wins significantly rises.

Ray doesnt guarantee 100% win; but ratio is improved significantly.

Also to make your hasbro beybattles more interesting use high recoiling beys (rock,ray,etc). Which will be sure of some loud booms and thuds...

Please review it.  Also a million of thanks for reading my thread. And a gazillion thanks if you like it.

*any moderator can shut my thread if he/she feels it to be inappropriate or misleading.

We earlier used to battle in a huge plate closed from all ends and I have experienced it many times.
No offence bro but I think this would have been better in Random Thought thread maybe. Not sure how to explain but this type of things are better to post in that thread. Though your theory is nice. Kinda like my "Recoil OS" theory which means using Attack types that has low recoil but agressive contact point and a modarate friction tip and they can produce alot of recoil with opponent and OS them (which is kinda like like what Griffilyon does in Plastic Attacker). I first seen this when I was trying (actually dominating lol) Balro vs LTD combos and found Balro hit some so hard they gets OSed. Though what you mean by "Stable Tip"? Isn't RF stable enough beyhaha?

Maybe we can use this thread as "Hasbro Attack Type" thread? Like Attack types that made to win in Hasbro Stadium.