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I just bought a kid of ebay
i just bought a orange Ibanez humbucker bass and its awesome.

(May. 02, 2022  2:10 AM)DeltaZakuro dont buy that you should get a fender squir there really good for begginers. Wrote: While i don't have it yet, i am planning on getting this Guitar when i have the money to do so. I'm a pretty big rock music fanatic so i think this would make for a great act for my schools talent show next year, i've also wanted to play the guitar since i saw bands like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, Skillet and more in concert, its just something i feel would be worth my while if i took up the hobby.
they have other colors but Purple is my favorite color so i may end up going with that.
I got that Hello kitty on pre tho lolz