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Because everyone likes to waste their money on carp they don't need.

I just bought this new Beatles bag on eBay for £1.50. Bargain!

[Image: c6de_1.JPG]
that's stupid, where would you even wear that
Tamer Brad Wrote:that's stupid, where would you even wear that


I'll have you know, I'm a very fashionable human being (although Annie knows way more about it) and I have a very classic style.

You, however... are a snakeskin boy.
alice, get with the times, i haven't bought snakeskin in ages

get with the times

i'm a classy boy now
Haven't paid yet, but later today I'm getting a SomethingAwful account (Finally!)
- Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (360)
- The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
- "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
Roan Wrote:- Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (360)
- The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)

me too (tomorrow) lol
-Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: Spirit If...

-A couple necklaces
my purchases this week:

3 cans/boxes/whatever of renati hair wax, 2 soft hold, 1 strong hold
Vailent Zip hoodie
Adidas football/training pants
Adidas football short tights
3 rolls of Sportstape

oh and a mall here is expanding big time next week (gonna be scandinavias biggest mall), i live pretty close to there + have the day off school so I will be there all day. probably gonna get lots of clothes
Polo $10
Jeans $25

75% off sale at my Hot Topic now!
Transformers Jacket/Sweater: $11.25
Transformers stickers x4 $3
Bleach Rukia Figure $3.75
Crimson, that price is a steal. Wow.
I picked up that Darkrai figure and a Gallade for the same price at Otakon.
Yeah, but she got PIPLUP.
When I was first getting into Pokemon, they sold those of the original 151 in these little boxes at a Japanese market I used to go to. They came with candy and they were awesome--I think I still have some. A lot of them were random boosters, so you never knew what kind of Pokemon you would get. My brother and I would buy around five at a time and see what we could get. He got Mewtwo in one.
Tamer Brad Wrote:Yeah, but she got PIPLUP.

I'm surprised it wasn't cheaper then. Tongue_out
Transformers: The Movie DVD Special Edition $25
[Image: 21hRXZSigWL._AA160_.jpg]
It looks much better with the green rings around it, and with the holographic yellow stickers instead of the black.

This was my most recent purchase (3 months ago maybe??), bought in Canada at some Anime Xtreme shop in China Town (Toronto maybe? not sure)

Too bad I forgot to get beyblades =(
Ichida Wrote:
Tamer Brad Wrote:Yeah, but she got PIPLUP.

I'm surprised it wasn't cheaper then. Tongue_out

Go to hell, Piplup is awesome.
Yesterday, I snagged "Thud!" by Terry Pratchett, put in an order and 10% down towards the Changeling: The Lost supplement, "Autumn Nightmares", grabbed the AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Psionics handbook so that my housemate, Austin, can run a Dark Sun campaign, and grabbed 5 barrel dice; 4 D6's and a D8.

Also, some Wendy's.
- "The Alchemy Index Vols. I and II: Fire and Water" by Thrice
- Pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy

November is going to be the month of awesome. Mass Effect, Mario and Rock Band. Chyeeeeah.

EDIT: Also Call of Duty 4 in November. Totally forgot that one. +1 Awesome for November. Actually, +2 because my birthday is in November too. Mmmm guuuuurl.
+Hat to hide my hair $7.90
whooper menu (<3 bk)
puma football shorts, black
hugo boss v-neck sweather
g-star raw hoodie
Versace t-shirt
Nike Shox Cool

so yeah, new mall opened yesterday
actually it's a expansion of the old mall, and it's now the biggest mall in scandinavia
G Wrote:+Hat to hide my hair $7.90


I had to do the exact same thing on sunday because my hair just looked like total carp and I was getting really irritable about it.

'Michael, I need to buy a hat today, my hair looks like complete carp...'
'What? Your hair looks fi-'

He waited until AFTER I bought the hat and was wearing it for about 5 minutes to tell me that I looked like a tea cosy.

[Image: ffsdq8.png]