[RPG] -=The Arcana Chronicles : Devil's Alliance=-

Nice job! Hope the project goes well. Good luck!
I love the plot and characters! What effort you guys are putting into this! I also hope to see more screen shots!
(Apr. 30, 2012  7:50 PM)Black Hole Wrote: Thanks Yukio!
Your welcome.
PS this is my inspiration for a game I'll make, with my sprites!

Also, I hope all goes well when you guys get father into developing!
OMEGA, I finished my project and another project comes in and I want to start a new story. I'm so busy getting ready for 5th grade that I don't even know if I can write the story for your game anymore. So I'll be quitting. So will litlleboy92. He's quitting because he doesn't know anyone so he quits. I'm sorry but you have to find another story writer. Best wishes to your game! I'll still be commenting on this thread and will be downloading the game. Good Luck!
I'm still here, so I don't mind helping to find a new writer.
its the same story as the one before. i just changed the title.
BUMP?!?!? OMEGA! Focus on this game.