[RPG] -=The Arcana Chronicles : Devil's Alliance=-


-Added the screenshots section with the preview of the title screen.

(Mar. 19, 2012  12:21 AM)Temporal Wrote: I have XP and am trying to finish a game using the trial version of VX. Sorry, but I'm still trying to finish my own game. I'll help when needed, though. And yes, a different crystal would be needed, and the variables would have to be created from scratch. As for drops, you simply edit the monster/enemy to drop it from the database. No extra anything needed.
I could send you an activation code if you like Smile LOL. NO REALLY, I can send you one. PM me if you want it. And yes, maybe upgrade crystal can be very hard to do because you need a lot of space in the database (too much items in the database can cause the game to lag) and editing each item can be very hard and I'm not good with variables and stuff like that.
why havent i been contacted on what to do You guys can reach me at dhakid@hotmail.com im not on here that much
Oh I'm sorry! I'll make sure I'll update you about the progress of the project!

Oh, and by the way guys, I just got RPG Maker VX ACE ! It's a newer (and better) version of RPG Maker VX. It can let you create your own character face, you can upload much more resources and many more, so expect that this project would be better than you expected!
Hey guys, I finally made a concept art for Dan ( used Photoshop to draw it and damn that's hard ) Please tell me what you think.
[Image: DanConceptArtPIC.png]

I have the actual drawing of it on a paper, but sad to say, my scanner is broken. So I might post it later on.
I could probably do the concept art in my spare time, if you want. I'm not a terrible artist, and I worked with Gintoki-San. I can PM you some examples of my work, if you'd like.
No need. I forgot that RPG Maker VX Ace has a Character Generator. XD
Well, here it is:
[Image: DAN.png]
Hah, I thought it looks good.
you might need those arts, O-M-E-G-A. you might need them for future idea's and such

I've started on that new logo. It should be done momentarily...

what do you want in it?
Surprise me. LOL Can't wait for what the logo would actually look like. Smile

Oh and yeah, I already have some concept arts I have drawn I wanted to show you guys, but my scanner is not working at this time, so I'll post it after I fix the scanner.
hey guys, i REALLY need all of you to work right now. We're gonna lose progress if we become too inactive.
Just reporting, sir:
The Logo is in good shape right now. I added a new feature to symbolize the game: a wing (not to much XD).
I'm still working on it, but I'll get to you when I'm done. that's all
(Mar. 29, 2012  8:41 AM)O-M-E-G-A Wrote: hey guys, i REALLY need all of you to work right now. We're gonna lose progress if we become too inactive.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm still here.

Oh yeah, don't forget your job: now I want you to think of continents for the game and some description about them. For example: Solace Continent : a continent which consists of seven islands. The people here blah blah......

Oh, and some updates are done. Let's thank Blood for his nice work on the game logo! You can now see it on the OP. I also cleaned up the OP. Looks a little messy

I'll write the information section later. So keep on visiting this thread for updates.
so, is that "villain and heroes" thing still on? I'm making them as we speak, but I don't think...
Yes. We will still use the Hero and Villain Edition of this game.
Honestly, I don't understand why the katakana (I believe?) are there in the logo. To me, it makes it look messy. Also, because the game doesn't originate in Japan, there's no reason for it.

In other news, the music is going well. I have several pieces started, but none of them are of the caliber that I would place in the game.
what katana? its just a line...

I didn't actually fix up the wing up, didn't I?

Also, working on an overture of the game.
OOOHHH that. must have misread the one you said, and thought of "katana"

I should fix that up... so yeah more updates!
Blood you've done a really nice job on the logo!
Guys, I wasn't able to update the "Information" Section because we attended 2 Graduations (my sister's and by brother's) and we came home late, so, I will write that one later

UPDATE: I added some characters. Please look at the OP.

The Information Section has now been added!
Isn't one of the characters suppose to be Zeneva, the Demon Prince?
I'll add him soon. I can't find a good character face for him.
OH I see. Sorry for not posting lately on this thread.