R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Do You Know What it Means?

I know this is necroing a thread, but in the last few weeks ive seen cyber bullying on this site. Ive seen people call each other dumb among other things. Insulting like thus shouldn't be tolerated.
Do I spy a dig at me?

I was referring to the actions of that member when I said 'dumb', not the member per se. Either way, I understood how my message was misinterpreted and therefore graciously accepted the moderator notice.

I don't think there was a need to point this out, nor was there any actual cyber-bullying going on. Rather, I think it was more of a reaction to the criticism of posts. Just look at the reaction of a member (patsy or something I believe?) to Kai-V and other members' posts at galaxy and lightning blade. Same situation...
All times I've seen "cyber bullying" so far have been people overreacting to relatively minor things and then using that buzz word in the hopes it'll have the same effect on staff as it did when the media blared it at them. The whole idea of cyber bullying with no IRL contact is dumb anyway, as unlike people you see every day you can actually block people/turn off the device/report the incident to moderators because hey that's their job and on this site they're better at it than anyone in any school ever (and much less susceptible to hype).

Basically: Report it and move on.

Respect means doing what your elders tell you without question or attitude.
(Dec. 26, 2012  1:30 AM)jubksin43 Wrote: Respect means doing what your elders tell you without question or attitude.

1. Respect does not dictate who you should be respectful to, and goes both ways in all situations.
2. That's not actually what this thread is about, did you actually read before posting?
So, I just erased two posts from this thread that were people calling out individuals that had been punished, and also just outright insulting people.

In basic order, their answer to the question posed in the title of this thread would have been "absolutely not", just as with anyone else who would like to play name and shame and then call people scum.

Food for thought.
Normally I´m not really the type to necro old threads, but I think this particular thread is worth to be remembered from time to time, considering that it´s been almost 4 years that this has been upped and there have lots of new members joined the site since then, who have never seen it before, but also might want to read Nano´s superb summary. So here we go: up!