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Country: Registration Date: Nov. 22, 2012 Birthday: Apr. 09, 2003 (20 years old)

So, I am currently into Beyblade, Gaming, Coding, and Sports (mostly basketball). I am currently creating a gaming website. If you want a position other than a regular member, PM me, and I'll see which position has space. Onto my life story, I grew much into my hobbies since I was in Grade 4, when this girl started to really annoy me. It was very good because it drawn my interest into the hobbies. Gaming was first, I have a gross love of Xbox and PC games. I started to become interested in the other hobbies in Grade 5, when a different girl (the other one changed schools) was giving me rather mean actions and looks. I became interested in Coding and Beyblade, when she started to escalate, I became a good defense in basketball and I was drawn to all sports. The thing I worshiped most was Coding. Sorry. It looks kind of weird, but it's true.

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