[Product]  BBG-22 Berserker Begirados SR200BWD

Nice! Hope more info on the bey is released soon! Wouldst and seems like it will have a promising design! And also, thanks again to Kai- V for the awesome bey updates!
does anybody know a pic of any part if you can i see it
http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=plcp&v=N2T4hjm0LAU when I pause at the moment the boy was interviewed I see a bey that has red stickers and a green face, it's either I'm blind or does it say "Beserker ---------- (it got blocked) -SR200R--" I'm not saying I am right but what else could it be, and no it cannot be Guardian Reviser as it has no red
Great find! That's definitely Berserker Begirados.
Hey everybody! I paused that youtube video, and they had a poster that said "Berserker Begirados SR200BWD" I am not lying. When it shows the Bandid Golem display, that poster is in the background. You have to pause it at just the right time or you won't see it.
Sweet Jesus that's a vicious Beyblade. Thanks for the update Gemini.
When I watched that video, I saw so many blades that are unreleased. Yellow one,blue ones, possibly RBV3, and so many other blades. In the backround some of the posters towards the end of the video, showed beys with japanese words over the face bolts (kinda like toywiz renders).
The Toy Show confirms Berserker Begirados SR200BWD.
SR200 makes me think of the SR-71 for some reason. Confused

I hate trying to pronounce the name "Begirados". It doesn't roll off the tongue right.

But the Chrome Wheel looks mean as all get out. Don't Screw Capricorne with it.
Yes, I saw that too... Definitely new.
200 height ought to be interesting, and BWD?
I have a couple of names for it, but I don't see how they can do it Confused
Then again there's stuff like FB soooo lol.
And some new action on the Zero-G Beylauncher! Looked great.
I'm hoping it's like a WB that's stretched out a little and comes to a point.
My mind tried to deviate to "Bearing Wide Defense" which'd never happen. But I keep thinking of that. This is just a trick my psyche had wrought.

I also keep trying to remember, it might trick us with the letter "B" again....
Bearing Wide Defence is more than likely to happen in my opinion. It's a Stamina-type Bey, and I don't really see how it isn't possible to do.
Cool, I had the name completely correct. Also, this proves that the rumour was entirely wrong like I honestly never expected it to be ...

Still no confirmation on how "Bandid Goleim" is written though ...
IS this a new height or has a 200 track been released already?

The bey still looks cool, just the name "Begirados", so weird and honestly kind of random XP
200 is indeed new.

Begirados is definitely based on Pegira from Ultraman, because there are long fangs/horns in the Chrome Wheel's design. Ultraman is very, very popular in Japan.
I know all of this is just so sudden, but "Shield Roller" is also on my hopes-radar.
(Jul. 20, 2012  5:47 PM)Syncrystal Wrote: Sweet Jesus that's a vicious Beyblade. Thanks for the update Gemini.
No worries, but anyone could have spot it first
(Jul. 20, 2012  8:33 PM)GeminiAttack Wrote: No worries, but anyone could have spot it first

To be honest, I thought the Beyblade booth at the Tokyo Toy Show was stricly a no-camera zone, so I was not even looking or hoping anymore.
I don't know if its the angular perspective, the lighting, or what, there's something different about the slots for the launcher prongs versus what's obviously known. Just.... Weird illusion. They look closer than normal to one another.

To clear up what I'm saying, the curved lines inside or underneath Berserker Crystal Wheel make both slots appear tinier.
Berzerker(stamina) lol.Can't still help thinking that it's motif is behemoth assuming the next element is earth or ground(my source of speculation is bandit golaim).
The blader is probably the guy with the rectangular monocle or the semi burly guy with long collars.(see the beyblade manga thread for the picture.)

Considering that quite a few of the ZeroG tips have been already released, I'm hoping for that Bearing Wide Defense everyone speaks of... (LF> Free spinning)

But if it's Ball Wide Defense I'll go cry in a corner @_@
I know this might be off-topic .. and given we don't have a thread for this set .. but
[Image: Untitled.png]
That set looks cool. Joyful_3 (6 Chrome Wheels?!)
Reminds me soo much of the Ultimate DX Set ..

& Berseker Begriados .. At what point did they show it? I can't really see it properly. haha