[Product]  BBG-20 Synchrom Booster Bandid Goreim DF145BS

Fire Golems are quite common so fire is a possibility but not much of one since they're never reffered to as anything other than "Fire Golems" or "Lava Golems". Regular "Golems" will almost invariably refer to stone (Earth) ones.
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Gollum is very corrupted, stop putting him in my head. He's the creepypasta of movies.
Already the official pictures are there ...

[Image: bandidgoleim.jpg]

[Image: bandidgoleim2.jpg]

[Image: bandidgoleim3.jpg]

That Beyblade looks really too much like a Battle Striker. That is the first time I can fully admit it.
Oh yeah baby.
Holy hell, look out attack!
Loving the design of the helmet on it! SO cool!
Looks like DF145SF(?).

IDHWBHUCVRWFIRFHJBREU! Golem looks so bawse! Dat helmet.

Stickers, I don't really fancy.
By the way, I predict that its actual name will be something like Goleim, hah.
The chrom wheel is very cool. It looks cybernetic in a way. Not a fan of the stickers on it though.
Personally, I'm LOVING the stickers. Look different from most other Zero-G beys.
I love camo! Having it on a bey makes it even sweeter! I could see some attack use with this bey also.
I like him already then again im a sucker for golems in general *i can sorta relate*

LOVE the design of this love it and that face is just too cool to describe. Synchrom this with anohter Golem and I think we got ourselves a smash attacker
Some serious knuckle action I'm getting from this.

Oh whatever, this is a beautiful thing.
Chrome wheel surely got use in attack combo with recoil
Well golem was my one of favorite pokemon

Parts are reused
Finally a green crystal wheel but I gotta say the colour scheme is well different
And who knows there could be a bey with 125sf
Libra is back!!!!!
In Zero-G Wink
I can't wait until it's released and maybe this beyblade may have a new element instead of Fire, Water, Wind/Thunder. I think it might be Earth because of the name and the design and stickers.
Oh man that looks bad carp. I liked how battle strikers looked anyway, and I might consider buying this.
Golem Phoenic is going to be an aesthetic nightmare, pared with A230 and BSF...
now i can get this and have "earth wind and fire" in collection XD
DF145BS? I'd pass, but that Chrome Wheel looks amazing (dat helmet).
Sweet Arceus that Chrome Wheel was designed by a true genius.

I love that freaking helmet-head thing , but DF145 and BS? I'd rather just by the Chrome and Crystal wheel, skip out on those parts.
Looks awesome! Defensive beyblade, I think.
It must to be my first ZeroG beyblade, I love synchrome boosters come with metal stone face. Golem my favorite pokemon, Earth my favorite element in the last airbender, Green my favorite color.