[Product]  BBG-03 Beyblade Start Dash Set

It is not a cleaning mask, he is probably just like all those other Japanese who wear such clinical masks to protect others from their sickness.
It's a medical grade biological mask, and many cleaning crews(both here, in Japan, and most everywhere else) do actually wear them, depending on the venue.

I kind of expected that box to be deeper, for some reason...
But never do I see it referred to as "cleaning mask", especially if you know what the Japanese culture is like ...
I was just pointing out that associations with cleaning are not in any way misguided. I know quite well the prominence of the employ of those masks in Japan - and most other asian societies, quite frankly. Citizens in Western countries are urged to do the same thing with many illnesses, but choose not to for insipid reasons. I wear them myself when in airports.

Also, I'm kind of confused as to why the guy is posing with what looks to be a Diablo Nemesis... a lot about that picture seems weird, though.
(Mar. 03, 2012  11:04 PM)Hazel Wrote: Also, I'm kind of confused as to why the guy is posing with what looks to be a Diablo Nemesis... a lot about that picture seems weird, though.

I guess they were hosting a tournament at the TT office and that's the combo he won with: https://my.takaratomy-business-service.c...st-80.html
They posed with almost every Metal Fight Beyblade in that blog post except Zero-G Beyblades. I am certain that if for some reason they had run out of Metal Fight Beyblades, they would have gotten HMS or plastics just so they did not show Zero-G tops ...
Ahh, I see. That pulls it all into a reasonable perspective. Thank you.
So did this ever get a proper release date, or is it still just at the end of this month?
31st, but you know that there will probably be some leaks one or two days before because it is the release of an exciting new series.
Thank you.

Obviously there will be leaks, and I'm sure Akiras Daddy will get it within that 1-2 day range, hah.

Can't wait to get mine however, just gonna have to wait a few days after it gets released.
I did not watch that thirty-minutes-long video, but in case it was not mentioned in the video and because it was not actually posted in this thread, the Samurai Ifraid recolour in the Beyblade Start Dash Set actually has a name : Burning Version. All of its parts also have that recolour name.
parts are same right?
from recolor to original ...
... that came out at the same time right ... Tongue_out
Yes, it is Samurai Ifraid W145CF, and BBG-03 indeed came out at the same time as BBG-01 and the rest until BBG-07.
Now is a good time to be getting into Beyblade.

Must resist temptation to start from scratch.
Come play toys with us, Bradley.

everyone likes to play toys
YAY! Brad might return!

Kai-V- Oh wow, simultaneous releases of the same bey in different colors! Quite a feat, I guess, as I do not remember any other bey that had its own recolor being released simultaneously with it, haha!

Only if the video was a bit short... My net connection's so slow...
ahaha no returning for me now, but i'll continue to watch, it's interesting.
Actually, there was a previous simultaneous release. The starter Big Bang Pegasis and Big Bang Pegasis DX Set recolor were released on the same day as well.

I'm sorry that you had issues watching the video. It was the only one on the set I found at the time, so I figured why not?

Regardless of whether it gets deemed competitive or not, I'm really looking forward to playing in this stadium.