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Full Version: BBG-03 Beyblade Start Dash Set
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Set that will be released at the very end of March 2012. It includes a Zero-G Compact Launcher, a Zero-G Stadium Attack Type, and a Samurai Ifraid W145CF Burning Ver. Approximately 2625 yen.

[Image: startdashset.jpg]
If anyone wondered, it also comes with a launcher ...
This set includes the Zero-G Stadium Attack Type as well as a recoloured version of Samurai Ifreid W145CF.

[Image: startdashset.jpg]

Notice that even the "clippers" for the stadium can get recoloured. How ... unnecessary.

This recolour of Samurai Ifreid also looks much better.
Ok, this thing is on my Buying list.
That Recolour looks amazing !
Thanks for the updates. Grin
Sweet recolor; even the launcher matches it.
Thanks Kai V!

I can finally put these pics on my store Grin
Nice Ifrit there. Thanks Kai-V. Smile
Definitely will be buying this. Thanks for the info Kai V
So getting this. The stadium will be fun, the launcher looks interesting and, well, the new recolour is pretty cool
Aww... Only One Bey. Haha. Anyways, This Recolor Looks Pree Sick. It Looks Somewhat Closer To The Samurai Changer Ms Than The Original Ifreid. Thanks For The Info.
Heh, a Shinobi Salamander recolor along with this would have prevented an excess of two purchases. Not that it'd be that cheaper or anything.
As much as I do like this recolor, I'd have to say I enjoy the other one a bit more... still, not a bad bundle, I suppose.
Recolor or just new stickers..?

I like this version but I doubt I'd get it considering the prices for sets with stadiums around here..

"Recolored new stickers".
(Feb. 18, 2012  6:16 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Recolor or just new stickers..?

I do not want to go ahead of myself since I do not have the box in front of me and that it does not really make sense, but it is possible that there are no stickers.
.. They just look like they could might as well be stickers.

I realize Kai-V's description was definitive, but yeah, I just wanted to throw in they look like stickers.. :V
The facebolt is red not blue. I think that's the only part that has been recoloured.
Except the red track and bottom..?

(Feb. 18, 2012  6:16 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Recolor or just new stickers..?

I like this version but I doubt I'd get it considering the prices for sets with stadiums around here..

I might be able to cut you a deal on it. I plan on buying some of this once it comes out.
(Feb. 18, 2012  6:27 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Except the red track and bottom..?


Pink. Or very light red.
Dark, you got a deal!

I figured it was a transparent reddish, yeah, matching its (launcher? what are those called..) stickers.
I think this recolor is more fitting for Ifreid, plenty of orange, red and yellow. The grayish Metal Wheel fits the theme as well.
Honestly, this Samurai looks a lot cooler but the stadium idea would be cooler if the whole thing is red but that's just me and it won't happen.
this is on the top of my list now, the recolour of samurai ifried is just sweet and matches the element of fire, anyway thanks for the info kai v.
What does W145CF stand for ???
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