[Product]  BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid W145CF

Looks Zero-G will be pretty heavy. The Chrome and Crystal wheels looks nice too.

There appears to be some sort of symbol or something on Samurai's crystal. Did anyone notice that?
It just looks to be some generic decorative thing.

I have to wonder if there will actually even be any advantage to not using Synchrom, really.
I think that'll all depend on how well MFB does against Synchrom. What I think, is that if MFB can do well, or at least decent enough to see decent use against Synchrom, then the lighter version of Zero-G Beyblades (so sorry for not knowing the name off the top of my head!) could do at least decent against MFB, so sort of balancing them out in a way? It of course wouldn't be as beautiful and perfect, but the general idea. Or am I missing the mark?
Testing will tell the tale, but my suspicion is that Kai-V and Hazel are correct: Due to the weight differences Zero-G beys probably won't be able to compete against top-tier MFB metal wheels unless they're in Synchrom.

That being said, the same thing is probably true for Zero-G beys (not in Synchrom) not being able to compete with Zero-G beys that are in Synchrom.

I can't wait to start testing this stuff! Smile

Perhaps we'll even see non-synchrom beys being legal against mfb and synchrom beys banned from there but ruling the zero g division, haha.

Too complex?
Let's just say quite a lot of testing is going to have to be done, and I don't suspect the rules will be fully inclusive or complete regarding Zero-G for a good while.
Aww man this is gonna be sooo cool M145CF?
how do these people get the blades before they even come out? but anyway thanks for the info kai v, i was hoping for these blades to be heavier.
Well they are "already out in public" cuz of the event.So I assume he works for the local store and took the beys away after the one and only event.Or he bribed the bey.
Hm, "classy", but that definitely seems bland to me ... Thank you for the picture, Soldier-F3AR.
I cant wait! But if you look, there is a "gem" on the upper wheel. What is that?
(Mar. 29, 2012  7:44 PM)Soldier-F3AR Wrote: Here's a picture of the box.. :
the shape of the box reminds me of the plastic gen boxes, also where did you get the pic from, anyway thanks for the pic Soldier-F3AR, now i know what the box will look like when i get it.
If anyone thinks this is actually bland, take into consideration the theme here. Hasbro's box art was far worse for V-Force releases. This to me fits with the whole "OH YEAAAAH LOOK AT THIS FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGY" structure going on.
(Mar. 29, 2012  8:00 PM)Anubis Blader Wrote: I cant wait! But if you look, there is a "gem" on the upper wheel. What is that?

Are you serious ? We have talked about it way too much already. Read the Beywiki article on Beyblade Zero-G to get up to date.
I can't wait for the release of these things. I still see the current top tier dominating Zero-G. Anyway i have pre-ordered this, BBG-02 Shinobi Salamander SW145SD and the BBG-04 Zero-G Stadium Attack Type so i will get as much testing done as possible.
This is just Engrish..................

You know what? I've always thought that "Unicorno" was just the Japanese pronunciation for unicorn.

I wonder why ?
(Mar. 29, 2012  10:57 PM)Nuzumaki90 Wrote: THAT BOX IS HUGE!!

I wonder why ?

Huge ? It is small, you are just not seeing it in context.

By the way, if anybody gets these releases before TAKARA-TOMY updates their website with the new rules for Beyblade Zero-G, I want to see the instruction sheets.
First Battle

An unboxing/battle against Kreis Cygnus
[video=youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--kLvvwWi...AAAAAAACAA[/video]
If you notice in crystal up-mode where the gem would be there is the fire element symbol...
I cant wait for testing!!I want to try MF Samurai Ifried CH120R2f.
Has anyone tried using this bey (uncustomized) on the BB-10 attack type stadium using the sliding shoot or banking?
i finally got this bey but it came with an e230 though...
(Aug. 07, 2013  9:16 PM)Kisame Akatsuki Wrote: i finally got this bey but it came with an e230 though...

Yes, I think that is in one of the Fire Vs. whatever Faceoff sets ... So you did not actually get BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid W145CF, therefore that belonged more in the Beyblade Random Thoughts topic, not here ...