[Product]  BB-59 Burn Phoenix 135MS

(Dec. 20, 2009  7:13 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: what happens if it gets hit from the other side (which will inevitably happen)

I was wondering the same thing Confused

It will probably either stop spinning(loose), or somehow bounce back up and spin normally again, but of course be weaker.

I guess we just have to see it in action, or test it ourselves haha.
This is why all the "sharp" tips never get used. Bad balance is death.
but i think because of the weight that the metal wheels have now, it helps the beyblades from losing that much balance. because the weight being tossed around at every direction (circle) tries to keep the top from being low enough from losing that much balance even if it slightly gets distorted.. but thats just a hypothesis based on some physics stuff i learned a few years back
(Dec. 25, 2009  4:17 PM)♥ Wrote: http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h137840937

Burn looks really quite thick ...
cant wait til allatkorea gets this now >_>
I really want this......... (for all the parts, really.)
eh... it would be better if they used a better bey... but still. at least we know its better than flame libra Tongue_out
True, but still a good battle I guess.
Would be cool to see B pheonix against an attack type like Storm Pegasus.
Also would like to see it against other top blades, like Earth Aquila, Flame Sagittario, and Rock Leone.

Looks cool though, can't wait for the release to ebay/online stores.
there is a vid of that on beyblade Colosseum b phoenix vs s pegasis. http://www.beyblade-colosseum.com/ theres the link its the video at the top.
Earth Phoenix T125MS Vs. Burn Pegasis 135HF in a reversed Super Attack Stadium ... OK. Hopefully better videos are uploaded soon ...
I wouldn't think that burn would be a good attack wheel, its shape suggests it as a stamina type.
Though, I guess the Earth wheel with B Pheonix's track and bottom would work.
it didnt use it 135 track though pegasis did lol
Burn Phoenix 135MS Vs. Earth Aquila 145WD.

Burn Phoenix 135MS Vs. Storm Pegasis 105RF.

Burn Phoenix 135MS Vs. Flame Leone 100WD.

Burn Phoenix 135MS Vs. Rock Libra ED145WD.
burn phoenix 135ms loses to flame Libra t125es http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT9TFL-2l...re=related
burn phoenix 135ms vs storm pegasis 105rf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ChpWCQxK...re=related
burn phoenix 135ms vs earth aquila 145wd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5GbbP6-4...re=channel
kai v your 1st 2 links dont work for me its saying bad request.
Vs Earth Aquila was the important one ... not incredibly promising.
I don't know ... MS didn't even really go off balance in this video, and it still lost.
maybe the track 135 is that great and again maybe burn sucks.
...now thats disappointing

megaton disappointment