[Product]  BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D

From planet Uranus.

I'm been sinking in the deep sea for a long time, so I'm kinda out of order. :D
(Nov. 16, 2011  9:50 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: Every side is different so it's very likely to be inconsistent just like Burning Kerberous was...

Every side has a different aesthetic design on it, but they have the same/similar shape/profile to them...

After looking at the newest Coro, and the detailed pics of the wheel/frame/core, it looks like it could be very good, but no one will know for sure until they get their hands on one... 23 days till release Uncertain we're getting there...

But I would say it'll have a hard time busting into the tier list, it does have some pretty big competition in every category...
If the weight distribution checks out ok, then there were probably going to see some epic defense. And if it doesnt, BD145CS always makes things better Tongue_out
But BD145 is soo overrated. Tongue_out
And I doubt this thing will be good for defense. It's essentially what TT tried to do with Perseus, but look at what it does. It's top tier in Attack, and barely good at all in Defense.
It may be similarly shaped at certain points, but if it isn't identical, it will, by definition, be inconsistent. Though, it could just be "Good-Great-Awesome"

However, I suspect "Recoily-Weak-Decent" would be more likely.... But that really is just baseless speculation.
okay, maybe im just dumb. but i cant figure out how to veiw those images, if thats what kai-v posted, it just brings me to the ameba website and i cant read anything! ;( help me
I don't know what to tell you, I just checked the link and it works just fine.

The site was simply down for maintenance a few hours ago. Always remember that Japan's day is the opposite as ours, so maintenances happen during our daytime ...
First time I am seeing this design!

Wow, it looks very stunning. Actually, it quite reminds me of Bakushin's shape, and even that had attack capabilities! Cannot wait to see how it does in the stadium!
(Dec. 06, 2011  2:17 AM)Arupaeo Wrote: I don't know what to tell you, I just checked the link and it works just fine.


That thing is ridiculous looking! I love it!! Thanks for sharing the photos!
That image was posted weeks ago ... Were you both living under a rock ?
I moved my family into our new house (not a rock) last weekend, so I have been taking every chance I had to visit the WBO but there were obviously times that I missed out!! Things are finally starting to settle here before the holidays, thank goodness!

Looking at those pics, it seems as if the FB design isnt the only thing that has been mashed together...the CW and MW look as if it takes asthetic designs from several beys. I am more than certain I can see parts from Counter, as well as Ldrago and Wolf...The only thing semi original looking is the strange Tiger head on the Metal wheel.
That does not suprise me. i havent been active enough. Frankly I belive that threads like these should have the OP constantly updated with news and such, so that one doesnt have to dread searching through spam and speculation. there is nothing wrong with the latter (to a point), but it does interfear with obtaining information.
It would be great for that to happen. (OP being updated)
However mods already have enough on their shoulders. They are here to moderate and keep the peace, not make it a happy place where info is all in one small section. The user must put in some effort as well. Wink
My only argument is that mods go through the trouble of posting new information anyway, so it wouldnt be that hard or time consuming to copy an paste to the OP. Otherwise I agree with you.

before we get off topic, lets resume normal conversation about this bizzare bey. i would love to see this bey go at it with Divine Chimera. Now i am wondering not only what spin this bey will be used in, but how customizable it will be. the CW appears to be normal in terms of being able to fit with other MWs, and the reverse can be said as well. i am just not sure.

Diablo looks like it could be potentialy useful. big, heavy looking, an round, basicly like every other top tier MW for defesne right now. Its ashtetics may hinder its performance though
To remedy things like that, we have already established that I would make a Beywiki stub for new Beyblades as soon as enough information was found. However, sometimes there are releases that have their new information spread over several months, so that cannot happen until those months are over and we know everything physical about that Beyblade.

You could also just search "http" in the Search function, it would work very easily and you could stop complaining ...
Forgive me if it sounds like complaing, just a suggestion is all. I will heed your advice for the future
I really wish TT would realize that sharp/spike tips suck and use more useful designs instead.

Rather unexciting mode change on the mw.
(Dec. 12, 2011  12:21 PM)bnmmoo Wrote: http://ameblo.jp/takahisa4227/image-1110...67707.html

It says that the tip switches between XF , S and S2D(?)

Also the tip mode change could be automatic like F: S. Let's just hope that if it is automatic it does not have F: S's balance issues.

Also I can see a mode change by flipping the metal wheel(?)
That is the most crapiest bey I have ever seen. I swear, that design is TERRIBLE. And S? Really, TT?

In other news, get ready for another Gravity wheel >_>

But I kinda so like the intro to a new tip, whats S2D stand for? Anybody?
X:D directly stands for "X Drive". There is no information on what S²D officially stands for.

If you look at the two pictures more at the top, it does not even look like the part of the very end of the 4D Bottom is the same ... In any case, the closeups you see at the bottom are very, very disproportionate, so the choices are a very small flat tip, a very small S²D tip, and a very small sharp tip.

The mode change is quite ridiculous indeed ... The two modes are Attack Mode and Ultimate Balance Mode.
First of, while it claims to be "S", the pop out tip is actually a rounded Metal Sharp tip.
Second, S2D is clearly the MS equivalent of RDF in that it's a wide flat tip with a protruding MS. As such, were it not a mode change bottom, it would likely be named "MDS" or "Metal Defense Sharp". As is though, S2D probably stand for Semi-Sharp Defense.

EDIT: and inverted Diabolo looks hideous.