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(Feb. 12, 2012  10:02 PM)th!nk Wrote: Perhaps it will look okay with Penta Wing whenever I get one...

Speaking of Penta Wing ... has anyone here actually tested it? It's probably my favourite AR aesthetically, but I've never really tested it.
It's currently a mystery. I'm trying to get a rapid eagle g though. The contact points look promising but I'm worried about the odd number of sides compared to other parts...

@Mc Frown: Hm, I must start saving aha.
I think I have 2. I could probs sell you one mad cheap if you like anything else I'm selling later. I'll check.

And ugh I hate sick AR's that have stupid numbers of contact points. No common denominators with other parts grahhh.

Exactly. The most irritating thing is finding SP to match some of them, particularly in left spin. That said, I generally end up going with non-attacking SP anyway, other than using survivor ring in right spin for three-sided AR's.

Also, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person who likes the Hayate AR. I only have a Hayate 2 one (getting Dan to send me a Zinrai one instead of this silly pole thing), but it's currently one of my favourite attack rings (along with Dragon Breaker and a War Bear SAR, like the Galzzly Article). Between them and cross griffon, my Tornado Attack is getting beaten into quite rough shape though, haha.

By the way, amongst my various rewrites, I've posted a rewrite of the Wolborg 2 article, in which I've included that weird upper attack combo in the base section. This of course caused questions and I tried to explain how it's upper attack, how it works, and so on. First, I hope you don't mind me including it, and second, perhaps if you have time at some point, check out my long-winded explanation: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Wolborg-...#pid882682

Also, do you think Customize Bearing Base (Burning Kerberous) and, say, Survivor Ring or Defense Ring, would be a better choice for the base?

EDIT: Also, everyone who worked on the Hasbro EG Beys parts list, it's basically finished, other than Rapid Eagle G's weight disk, which is almost certainly 10 Balance. Only just noticed (thanks to Benjohadi's EG/Base thread), that the Weight Disk always ends up being the same as whatever the base belongs to in all cases, same as the tip being a CEW version, etc etc. I'll put it up in the beywiki forum later on today, when I'm done making the Plastics Q&A and Plastics General Discussion threads.
Wait would that SG + Shaft even fit in BK's Base?
Actually I think I'm getting a BK sometime in the not too distant future so maybe I can check. I'm going to guess that it's better with Wolborg 2's BB though.

And yeah basically carp every SP that isn't Defense Ring (but I wanna try Twin Guarddd)
Despite what the wiki says, a few things do fit in Burning Kerberous' Base.
I wrote up a full list of compatible shafts/casings/bases/tips (though I need to update it with the Uriel 2 thing now its legal), there's a link to the thread with the link in my sig.

Honestly, Twin Guard looks kinda eh to me. Not bad, but not fantastic. I want one too, but Blizzard Orthus is so darned expensive and hard to find :\
JR_Tiger has one left.
I have better luck with other SP's to be honest, though. It's pretty much what you said. The AR looks OK though, the contact point has alot of weight, so it might be OHKO AR.
I thought he was sold out. Oh well, I can't afford to spend money on an orthrus right now, gotta focus on more important things.

Yeah, I want to try the AR too...
could get a Blizzard Othros probs but ehhhhhh I don't really want to buy possible worthless beys
I did try Wide Attack, for what it's worth.

It sucks really hard. It's like a 6 Wide with an even worse weight distribution and no matter what you do, only adds recoil on top. If it weren't for star attack's odd number of sides and the fact that one of my star attacks is actually cracking, it'd be the worst weight disk ever.

The archive of beholder's review of Orthrus says "Advantage of this blade is it's SP. Circle form SP add endurance and defence to upper attack. AR is fine too. Thick AR with many notches has fine smash attack ability."

For what it's worth, haha.
We've known for a while that Twin Guard was a good stamina Support Part haven't we?
Supposedly, but really, there's not too much information on it overall.
Well obviously it's better than Survivor Ring (Even number bias) but I'd be more interested in using it for Attack cause I love Defense Ring for everything else the most.

Also I still want Wide Attack :V
Yeah, I figured, and that's the same reason I want one.

Hah, maybe when I'm done writing the attack weight disk article we can work something out, though, the blue paint of mine is chipped up and stuff. I don't know when I'll get that article done though.
Blue? What is that from? I only know of Orange and Raw.
It's a prize from Random Booster 6, haha. It's actually the only one I've ever seen images of.
RB3, according to the list here: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Random-B...tents-List
I'll have to look around for pictures.
EDIT: Think I found a small one. And also a black plated one. Probably from a special recolour or something.

What can I say, I always loved voltaic ape, it's probably my favourite beyblade in terms of appearance. I would have preferred an upward-angled shot but that was the best I could find, until I work out how to get mine to stand up without spinning so I can...

(and, now making this relevant to parts) Sadly, I can't keep any of them together because I always need to use defense ring for everything. It's just too good for everything. My current two are being used on both of my zombies (Burning Kerberous base/sg, and Wolborg 2 Shaft, in BK's Casings, in Customize Grip Base), and if I got a third I'd probably just end up putting it on my attacker instead of cross survivor, which is what I'm currently using.

Honestly, they really should have made more SP, they never released any great Smash SP (unless twin guard is great or I missed something in the limited testing I did with Uriel 2's before I lost one), I mean, survivor ring is nice with a right-spin, three sided AR, but outside of that, Fin Tectors just add recoil, Upper Attack SP obscure the contact points too much for my liking, Reverse Attack (Dragoon V2) don't really do anything, and Uriel 2's are apparently okay but they're as resilient as a wet tissue.
Surely they could have released more in later random boosters or something... Then again, a third of all SP were from Random Boosters already.
I have a green voltaic ape and I hate using it but I do anyways :<
At least I have an extra Defense Ring.

But yeah I hate every other SP I've tried. Upper Attack is okay sometimes on Gimmick Combos.
I've got a red one and a red one with a green AR. Only one of my three MG WD's still has the plastic, ahah.
I really, really wanted you to be wrong about defense ring being the best SP for Survival, but when I went and tried the three main survival SP (Defense Ring, Survivor Ring, Cross Survivor) it had significantly better LAD than the others. I thought Survivor Ring would at least have that, even if it was three-sided, but yeah, defense ring definitely seems to be the best.

Upper Attack SP work okay with Driger V2's AR, you can do pretty well with them, but honestly, most upper attackers have kind of faded away for me since you posted that left spin combination, it overshadows every other upper combo far too much to bother.
(Feb. 15, 2012  7:23 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: I have a green voltaic ape and I hate using it but I do anyways :<
At least I have an extra Defense Ring.

Voltaic ape's epic in all colours <3 shadow black Tongue_out.
I've always really liked the way Voltaic Ape looked, despite really hating gorillas/monkeys as an aesthetic medium in general, and I can't wait to get mine to tinker around with it...
Gorilla of the comittee Tongue_out
Not done with the officical testing, but posedion's ar is extreamly recoily, does OK considering I'm not using a HMC, but yeah. Like an upgrade to cyber dragoon.
Another note is that the rules of OHKO really apply here, it has to it has to KO they bey or depleate it's spin usually within the 1st 3 hits.