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.... Uh, yeah, dude, bump king is kinda infamous for being the worst beyblade ever released by merit of an absolutely apalling AR and the entire beyblade is pumpkin-colored and bit-beasted.

If you use it in a beystadium it will last practically forever. The point will dull a bit at the start but generally after that you will barely notice anything.

It is fairly soft metal though, so use it on bricks, in a wok, on pavement, whatever, and it'll get destroyed.
Dang, i wanted to see how many times i would launch it at my house until it the bricks broke like in the show :p (joke). Of course bump king is the worst beyblade ever i just didnt know it was called pumpking in japan.
Wait... YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THE PUMPKING, BOUND DEFENSER, AND ROLLER DEFENSER FROM DREAMCON300!!!!! I'M MAD AT YOU AND AM THANKING YOU AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! I REALLY wanted that bound defenser, I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! I'm thankful that you bought it and not someone else because you can tell me almost everything I want to know about it.

First Question: What Bit-Chips did Bound Defenser come with? I wonder if it came with the Kid's Dragoon Bit-Chip that it shows on the packaging (I have 4 Kid's Dragoon Bit-Chips and I only have 12 plastic beys).

Second Question: Also, what are the bitchips that came with Roller D and Pumpking?
I will have MANY more questions once I can get my head back into plastics (Zero G is Rusting my knowledge on
Plastics). Thanks Th!nk!
Well it's not like you didn't have plenty of time to buy them, they've been there for months now IIRC...

Roller Defenser comes with two of the usual selection of secondary stickers. Usually it's shown with metal draciel, but mine came with Death Draciel and Death Driger.

Pumpking came with pumpking and Naisugain (Kai-V says it's probably meant to be "Nice Ga-In"), which is kinda gundam-y I guess. I'll post scans once I've cleaned them up as they're both metallic and fairly dark, so they do not scan well at all.
Thanks, what are the ones that came with Bound Defencer? I'm REALLY want to know A LOT about it because that is the main one I really wanted. Btw, I can't wait for the next set of NIB old plastic beys Dreamcon300 puts on ebay.
Hm, must've deleted that line by accident. It did come with kid dragoon but it may be randomised like Roller Defenser. Other one was metal driger.

This stuff would be better off in Q&A, btw.
Thanks Th!nk! Btw, I'm glad you bought it as we can gather new information on Bound Defenser that I probably wouldn't have known about if I bought it. If I bought it, I probably would have raged if I got another Kid's Dragoon Sticker and the SAR probably would have broke with how much testing I do on my beys. Can you post some pics please?
I've posted a picture of it in recent purchases, but right now I have more important things to do than photography unless I have the free time, sorry.
Alright I was able to find 2 of my BBA Championship bey boxes the other 2 i could not find were for Metal Driger and Voltaic Ape (they most likely are in cardboard heaven). Both of the boxes I have did not come with any pamphlets from what I could see, but on the side of the box of Dranzer V2 there is a list of some of the other beys available. Dragoon S, Driger V2, Draciel S, Vortex Ape, Black Dranzer, Dranzer S, Driger S and Dranzer V2. What I found odd on the box is that Black Dranzer is listed as A-27 the same as Dranzer F. Oh and one more thing I looked at the attack ring of the BBA championship Dranzer S and it is reinforced just like the Phantom Force version of Dranzer S.
I actually made a list of the beys I could find from that series and now I can't find it, haha. But thanks very much for that! Yeah, those two shared a number.
I don't know about a championship metal driger given that couldn't really be "re-released" during its initial release period, haha.

Anyway, I just found this, perhaps it was already known of, but a render of the Original Voltaic Ape AR (the voltaic ape we have is the second version, remember). Course, the only one I could find had since had its link broken, so all I have is the horribly compressed google image archive of it. Still, discernible.
It looks like Galmans Ar+S-AR. Pretty neat, which I could have one Tongue_out
Thanks for the pic th!nk!
Two four-headed primate AR's are going to look similar, and I agree that's probably the closest thing, but really they're quite different, particularly on the trailing parts (it could be an SAR, might be more evident in the anime whether it's one or two pieces), but the head shape is also quite different, going into the AR more. It also has the raised bit chip holder rather than the usual recessed one (generally neccessitated by the height of a two-part AR, though Great Dragon has one that's more raised/normal than most, probably due to its thin-ness).
Is vortex ape very good?
We have a beywiki article on it. In the future you should check beywiki first before asking. It has a good part which is the SP. This has uses is several types but can only be used on V2 series bases. The other parts have some minor usefulness but they're outclassed so no one would use them.
I did but I want to know on a personal level or you could say from expirence from expert blader and thank you.
I wouldn't know about that really. I don't play much and we bearly ever have tourneys in UK for plastics. I suggest you PM th!nk. He's away for an unknown amount of time but he checks every few days.
(Apr. 02, 2013  10:17 AM)Ultra Wrote: We have a beywiki article on it. In the future you should check beywiki first before asking. It has a good part which is the SP. This has uses is several types but can only be used on V2 series bases. The other parts have some minor usefulness but they're outclassed so no one would use them.
I actually find the AR to be quite good on left spin, better than Eight Spiker IMO. Th!nk has probably tried it more than me though, so if he disagrees with this go with his opinion, Flare45.

Flare45, I also told you it was good in the EBay topic and we have a Beywiki article like Ultra said.

EDIT: This is ShinobuXD. I always forget to log out of my brother's account. Ugh!
Thanks and will check that out
Ok so I decided to buy Driger V2 instead of vortex ape because of the awesome upper attack and because beywiki said is good for beginners and I am one to plastic gen. Blades
I wrote the Voltaic Ape article, so it should be more than adequate for what you're after in terms of 'expert opinion'. Driger V2 is a better starting purchase, yes.

shinobu: Eight Spiker is a better choice. Mountain Hammer is too recoily and doesn't have enough/exposed enough contact points to outdo it, and suffers from recoil concerns which means finding a base to utilize it well is difficult at best.
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This is basically taken straight from my blog but it needed to be said on-site too and I'm too lazy to write two different versions of the same thing, so here:

So uh it turns out I was wrong about the whole Ariel/Uriel thing. Wasn’t aware that Uriel 2 had its own instruction sheet instead of the generic RB8 one until a little while ago – and those have the anglicised name on them. There’s an archived version of it from damashii, and it is “Uriel 2″.

I know it actually says “uriel-2″ but they used dashes to link up the latter parts of the names of all of the V2′s that I can see, so whatever.

I guess the key error on my part was overlooking the possibility that the ‘u’ could be pronounced as ‘uh’ (as in ‘undo’), which would become ‘ア’ in katakana. Of course, in the dub, King pronounces that vowel as ‘eh’, so it’s definitely Ariel there – that much has to be chalked up to dub silliness. Not sure about the original though – I only have access to the dub.

But yeah, Wolborg 03 (Uriel) and Uriel 2 are the correct names. My bad – I acted on the evidence I was aware of, but I should have known to check for the chance of an instruction sheet, and thought of the ‘u’ -> ‘uh’ -> ‘ア’ thing.
I’ll fix various references to it over the next week or two (would do it faster but I'm quite busy atm).

On the upside, I should have at least a solid draft of a Plastics Competitive Combos list done and posted before Remembrance this year. I have all the lists for each type done, but I still need to check some stuff and the formatting right now is a complete mess – the complexity of plastics combos means making something neat and consistent while also comprehensive and practical is almost impossible (at least for me).
Of course, a CC list isn’t nearly as useful to plastics as MFB due to the whole Part availability aspect, and when I do post it, it mightn’t even be intelligible for everyone and I would rather not spend ages explaining the info that’s already there to people because working on the database which will encompass that already is more efficient. Basically – don’t get excited.
At the last Toronto tournament, Suntailhawk gave me this cool metallic sticker sheet that he had gotten from an issue of CoroCoro a long time ago. I thought you guys might like to see it. Unfortunately, some of the stickers are missing, and the sheet was ripped in half, but a lot of it is still intact:

[Image: 8qkp.jpg]

High resolution:

Please make note of the awesome Blader DJ Bit Beast.

I think the part of the sheet that was cut off from the left hand side was for Dragoon S, since it says "ドラ" (Do-Ra), and then is cut off right where the rest of the name would have been.