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Oh yeah actually haha, I never knew of that idea. I never taught of it. Anyways thanks...
So it seems it is kinda.... for collection only. Oh well, I got my favorite bey anyways....
After buying a printer last week, I was finally able to print the stickers for Driger V2. It lay stickerless for almost 6 months and it looks great with the stickers on. It gave me a tough time to peel of the paper from the 'glue' though. Is there a simpler way to do that for printed stickers?

The next one I'll print will probably be Dragoon V2 or Driger S :3
I think you can use double-sided tape. I have some at home, but I never thought of using it for that until your post. Thanks for the idea!
I stacked up my two mint tornado attack stadiums one on top of the other. I filled the walls underneath with scrunched up strips of newspaper.

And still, in the first battle I did in it, my attacker managed to crack the walls on the way out of the stadium. Luckily it was outside the play area as it was self-KOing at the time from a bad launch but honestly I give up.

Unless we're allowed to tape over the corners with 1-2 layers of electrical tape, there's no safe way to use any top tier smash attacker in the only properly balanced plastics stadium. IMO that's more of an effect than a couple of layers of tape but yeah. Unhappy
i found out you can put bit chips from the 5 layered series onto the 4 layered series attack rings...I hope that isn't old news...
It really is actually. Honestly I mean the ARs of both series are the same so there isn't an reason why you couldn't. Also Hasbro released loads of the four layer beyblade without bit chip protectors.
Yeah I don't know what's up with yours. You're not trying to use the clear cover with them are you?
I'm just going to post to remind everyone about Plastics Parts Discussion, and explain the differences between this thread and that thread as we all seem to be struggling with it.
Plastics Parts Discussion:
Plastics Parts Discussion is basically the Competitive/Combination/Part discussion thread, for all the more competitive-natured, complex, theoretical, and testing-related posts. It's in the Customization forum for a reason. It's also not a Q&A thread.

Plastics General Discussion, this thread, is for random thoughts about plastics, but part and complex combo-related stuff belongs in parts Discussion, not here. This is in general discussion so the more competitive stuff doesn't go here. This thread should be much less serious in tone, as well as being good for discussing recolors, releases, and so on.

Plastics Part Discussion often just ends up being me talking to myself until I give up and post something here instead because it gets replies here. I'd suggest any plastics fans keep an eye on and post in Plastics Parts Discussion though, because I often post a lot of useful competitive information there, amongst other things, as well as asking for a hand with stuff or a response every so often, which I never get. :C

I'm posting this mainly because of the disparity in popularity of the two threads so hopefully people jump over to parts discussion more often, as well as having a clearer idea of what goes where, as a lot of people seem to be posting stuff for other threads in both.

So yeah.
Doing some digging for takara's plastic rules, sadly they used a flash based site from 2003 onwards so it's hard to dig up the final sets as there's no clickable link to them (the worst thing about that era of flash sites, and there were a lot of horrible things about those flash sites), and the previous site's rule list is the same as the 2001 one, and hasn't been updated for the bearing gyros AR legalisation that apparently occured.

But, digging through that earlier site, I found this:

The bottom middle picture and the text for it indicates the AR's of those hidden spirit beys were intended to be legal, while the BB/Weight Ring weren't, unlike the later designs where they used proper weight disks and four-layer style blade bases which I'm yet to see any indication of illegality of from takara stuff.

Also found this:

Which is supposed to be #12 Spark Disk, and matches the images of it in the spin up guide book. This clashes with what Beholder said about it merely being a Wide Survivor with flint and sandpaper (and wide survivor does have holes for flint). Looking at it, if that is spark disk then I'm wary of the legality. Early versions of the takara rules at least very clearly banned it, and all of the bearing gyros parts including the AR, though the bearing gyro AR was unbanned later apparently (part of me searching for a later rule release).

Back to digging...

EDIT: Looking through all the archived pages and haven't seen the rules page. Gah.
Though, I have got the links for the part lists, which will let me check a few I'm not 100% on, I guess, but then given there are very obvious errors in the coro coro parts list (calling Cyber Dragoon's SG a NEO SG) I wouldn't be completely shocked if there were errors. Will look through it later, getting tired. EDIT: They got cyber dragoon's sg name right, so I guess I'll go back through beywiki's parts list to check again lol.

Image of spark disk in the parts list is dead and there's no mention of wide survivor. The spark disk filename is sparkdisc.gif, with a C, so maybe it is spelt that way, however there are a lot of poorly romanized image and page names soooooooo

Oh, and the site's page on Fukobako 2003 page basically confirms that Ortros/Ortrus didn't have blizzard in the name, seeing as it doesn't use 'blizzard' in the name for it.

Also an interesting note about the guide books, while they're a great resource they do contain errors. Kerberous is clearly romanised as such on the BK box, but the guide book has a large title saying "CERBERUS".

Apparently one of the Spring Launchers (I assume the actual Spring Launcher (A-4)) apparently uses a 9-tooth gear, like the EZ Shooter Power Custom. I just won one on ebay (incredibly lucky timing) so I'll check that out I guess, and here's hoping.

Lastly, the part names for two-part attack rings are Core Attack Rings and Sub Attack Rings. No idea then what the heck they call SG Wing Base's Sub Ring part but they never name that separately from the base. Uncertain

EDIT 2: Duh, just realised the rules are on every instruction sheet. Honestly from the rules I've seen thus far apart from Gyro Beys and Spark Disk being banned and Hayate etc's AR being the only part of them considered an actual legal part (unlike the other hs beys where all parts are apparently legal), there seem to be no rules other than a size/weight limit (that was increased by 10g in 2004), only one weight disk, and no modification of parts, addition of external substances OR addition of metal balls, i.e. "use official parts and then throw them together however you like and if it stays together, it's legal!". Personally I like those rules, heh.
Really, I was actually hoping they had a full ruleset somewhere that covered more specific things, like SAR inversion and what tips can be swapped and so on, whether you could use a base without its tip, but I guess they didn't make one. Bleh.
I was messing around with some of my plastics collection and I found some rather interesting things. First I was looking at my Takara and Hasbro branded Dranzer F's and I noticed that the spin gears use different molds. Second I was looking at my Hasbro Dragoon V2 and saw that it came with a neo spin gear normal core and a mold 2 MG weight disk.
I thought Dragoon V2 for Hasbro didn't come with a MG WD... ._.
(Sep. 25, 2012  3:16 AM)GaHooleone Wrote: I thought Dragoon V2 for Hasbro didn't come with a MG WD... ._.

It does come with the MG weight disc. I remember specifically getting it when i bought it new back in the day.
Kenshin, could you post pictures of the normal core? Perhaps the seller put it in there by mistake, as I'm pretty much sure what is on the wiki is correct.

EDIT: just found a Hasbro box showing dragoon v2 with an mg wd. Bloody Hasbro inconsistencies...

Kenshin could you get me that picture of the core please, I need to see the sticker on top to verify.

Looks like the BBA Championship Version (Like Driger S, it was a non-recolored one) is as listed on beywiki, whilst the {original?) Magnacore version is like a takara one.

th!nk I told you that ages ago...
I seriously don't remember you doing so and you definitely didn't mention it in the draft thread. Nonetheless I'm updating the article right now.

Anyway, we need to get a list together of the later BBA Championship Series which weren't recolored, like Driger S and Dragoon V2, apparently.

EDIT: Updated Dragoon V2. Does anyone know for sure what era that second BBA championship thing was done in, so I can add a note about it to the BBA Championship article? Judging from the packaging it's G-Revolution but I want to be 100% sure. If anyone knows any others, I'd appreciate them saying so.
Ok here are is the photo I also added some Dranzer F photos too if anyone was curious.

From what I would recall the second BBA Championship series run was during G revolution. And I have some of those non recolored beys boxes if that would help any bit for finding some of the other beys that were re-released.
That would help a lot, if you could go through them. Smile

As for the Dranzer F thing, Ultra has been telling me about that for a while, I think he was working out which beys came with what molds or something, but thankyou for the photos. If you could retake them slightly more clearly and they would be helpful for beywiki.

I'll go edit the bba championship article now, to mention the series, without a list.

Does anyone remember when the initial run was? IIRC it was late F series, but want to be sure.
Finally resolved the long standing confusion about Dragoon V's tip: It's plastic.

Most takara boxes have a section that lists the materials (or at least, the non-metal ones, or maybe polymers I dunno, whatever) of the beyblades, launchers and their winders. Winders are Polyamide, Beyblades and Lanchers are ABS and sometimes (Engine Gears, Zeus's Tip, MDBS's Tip+1Bearing, parts of Cyber Dragoon's SG, and some others) POM, and Dragoon F and Jiraiya MS both list sumoren[a kanji I don't know]erasutoma-, aka Elastomer - basically a fancy term for Rubber (according to Kai-V, for MFB wheels etc, PVC rubber is also used).

Dragoon V only lists ABS (for the beyblade and launcher) and Polyamide (for the winder). Basically, no rubber.

Which makes beholder's article on Dragoon V rather humorous - he states it has softer rubber than other dragoons, lol.

Anyway, there we go, it's plastic. I've edited the article appropriately.

Also, many thanks to Ga'Hooleone for helping me find a clear enough image of Dragoon V's box and the idea to check my Jiraiya MS box, amongst other things.
It looks and feels like plastic so how could it not be? I've never thought for a second that it was rubber.
Something about beywiki and basically everyone ever insisting it was rubber means I couldn't exactly say "no it isn't" without evidence, and it could have been extremely hard rubber or something.
@ th!nk: Do you think that the Magnet Flat tip is made out of PVC?
PVC is rubber, but there was no mention of it on the box when th!nk and I checked the picture.
It's made of ABS like most other Plastic beyblade parts.

Oh, also, it's Magne Flat, not Magnet Flat, and the full name would be "Magne Flat Base Tip".

I initially thought it was just hard rubber because that's what I'd been told, and my own belief of it was enough to convince me that it responded slightly differently to my nail scraping on it, which I realised on re-trying it earlier today (before I did the checking that prompted me to post) it doesn't. Just a little proof that the human brain is heavily influenced by expectation, haha.
Okay so I just got a few beys and have a few things to mention:

First, the roller defense mod is very, very, very obviously not an intended function by any means. The rollers don't spin and it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Secondly, Bump King, Takara's, at least, does come with Semi Flat Base - which means phoenix inferno was actually right with one of his unauthorised wiki edits. Here's mine, and it can be seen on the packaging in one of the pictures below, too:

Also on bump king, holy heck I can see why this AR breaks so easy. I hope someone was fired for letting that pass quality control because wow that is just apalling.

Also, BK's shaft thing is actually a metal bearing welded to a regular metal shaft, which I didn't notice before.

Bound Defenser's SAR is made of a flexible plastic, not sure what it is as there doesn't seem to be a materials box on the packaging, but it might actually not break! It's shaped a lot like wing cross, however sadly there are two points that jut out past wide defense. Also the SAR doesn't seem to be intended to be reversed, as that puts a bit of strain on it, but then so do a couple of positions it can sit in right way up...

Lastly, I can also confirm a slight mold difference with at least semi flat base - the tip part (the whole pole thing) is slightly thinner on both of the takara plastic-wrapped ones I got today than my Hasbro Bistool one. Not a huge difference but it might affect the performance slightly (I doubt it'll improve it though).

EDIT: Bound Defense Ring seems to be good but not as good as Wing Cross defensively for circle survivor combos, though if you use rock bison's EG you're rarely going to be hit on the AR anyway. Stamina seems solid but I haven't done any real comparatives yet.

EDIT 2: Bump King is actually called Pumpking by Takara, it's very clear from the Katakana (Pa) and the Romanization on the Packaging. Guidebook confirms that katakana. Ohhhhhhhhhh what

Proof Here:

So yeah, Bump King is a hasbro rename. Like Hasbro renaming Kid's Dragoon and Kid's Draciel "Kid Dragoon" and "Kid Draciel". I thought the sharp base thing might be hasbro's doing but the only ones I found had Semi Flat.

EDIT 3: Roller Defense Mod+Circle Survivor Defense (With Wide Survivor, Rock Bison EG) is just ridiculous. The idea of it being intended is hilarious enough as Roller Defenser was released well before any left spin beyblades or launchers were, and also it looks like this:
Pumpking? What is this? Is it a word play on pumpkin or what? Anyway, i was wondering if and how quickly driger s' bb will wear.