[Philadelphia, USA] any Milton, PA bladers out there?

I can host. I think I've been to enough tournaments to know what to do, but I might need some help.
Where in Philly will it be?
ok @[Wombat]. I have hosted and its fairly simple, even doing two in one day was easy especially using challonge. ill help u out but u take full credit for hosting. I will also record the event. me u and Grim can be judges. so as soon as we get that 7th member we should be good. submit the proposal and we're set. can't wait. it's probably going to be in a game store in west Philly near university city. if u guys can deal with the cold we can do it outside. lol

what format(s) do u want. I definitely want limited but if u want 2 I wouldn't mind doing burst again (as long as people don't mind lending parts haha)
What ban list would you use?
what do you mean. you can only use one banlist, the one where gravity is legal
OK, but make sure to specify.
when everyone get to the tourney we can go over the rules. u know of anyone else that can come?
Not really.
ok we'll find someone
you can confirm my dad for this tournament so that makes 7. if he has to play Ill make him an account. @[Wombat]
What bladers confirmed?
I thought u were confirmed right?

if so it's me wombat Yami you beymomdelaware and thebeyninja
Jan 7th weekend is pretty good sounding for me
Jimmyjazz39 I can't confirm till I know where in Philly it's going to be.
@[DECEPTICON] can you confirm?
So I've gone and contacted the store, and am waiting on a reply as of right now.

While it doesn't really belong in this thread, I figured I would be better off mentioning it here where I have everyone involved's attention: If I can't find a venue in Philadelphia, would everyone still be able to attend the tournament if it was in Baltimore, MD instead? The reason I ask is because with enough notice, I can guarantee us a venue in Baltimore, but it just might not be the most convenient location for everyone in terms of travel time/distance.
maybe. Philly is a lot more convinent for me

I think it might be best to call the store not email them
Sorry for the later reply, Baltimore is good.
any reply yet @[Wombat]
No reply yet, but I'm going to wait until next Monday (a week after the original email) to try again. If the second email doesn't get a response I'll call.
@[Wombat] I would just call. they need enough notice
(Nov. 27, 2016  11:42 PM)Jimmyjazz39 Wrote: @[DECEPTICON] can you confirm?

Put me as confirmed, The only thing that can mess me up is a last minute emergency.
@[Wombat] did u call yet?
Sorry for the lack of news, but between finals and holiday hours at work I haven't had barely any spare time to call or email. I will call them tomorrow.
What was ur idea for a place, Jimmyjazz39, cuz i'm really ready to tell my parents to book this.