[Philadelphia, USA] any Milton, PA bladers out there?

Eeeif we do ill bring other of my blader friends
(Nov. 18, 2010  1:52 AM)Flame Aries Wrote: We need to get together and battle!!!!!!!!Pinching_eyes_2

the question would be where and when?
Hey, I live in PA Blue bell and if anyone who lives near there I will beat you any day of the week. Just send me a privet message if you live here and want to battle me. If you know where whence Run Park is I will meet you there and bring a stadium
Hello Bladers from New Jersey and the Local Area looking for a group

come join the NJ Bladers ---------> http://njbeybladers.webs.com/
yo we need more tournaments in philly yo if yall want to battle then go to maryanderson basket ball court at the corner of the gate near the fire hidern
i live in philla i desperately want to go to a torny
Its been a while for tournament so im gonna hold one in Reading PA. YOU can battle the strongest bladers out the and who ever win clams thats their spot but its not really your spot but your spot to make your own group and stuff. Please reply if you wanna come bring your friends too! I hope i see you their. Eee

It depends on when But sure I am more then willing to drive out to PA from NJ just to meet new people. and maybe have some bladers from PA come to NJ for tournaments.
If someone holds a tournament in Philly I would go
hey i live in philly and i wanna get into a tourenment i have a small team of bladers and im currently talking to another blader about hosting a tournement if any one is interrested PM me i want a turn out of about 30 to 40 ppl to come
I live in Philly along with two other bladers I know an we've been looking for a Tournament.
maybe just maybe i can ask my parents BEFORE i make any plans i MAY host in PA if my parents say yes.
I'm in PA. I doubt, though, that my parents would let me travel "just to a Beyblade event".
Hey Guys, I'm trying to put together a tournament on Long Beach Island in like 2 weeks. I have stadiums and have held 2 tournaments the last 2 months. If you can get together 5 more people for this event it will go off. Check out the LBI, NJ thread. I know it's at the shore but it's a great way for your parents to spend a day at the beach and you guys can still blade. pm me if interested and I'll make it happen.
(Jun. 14, 2012  6:40 PM)SplatKirby Wrote: I'm in PA. I doubt, though, that my parents would let me travel "just to a Beyblade event".

I drive my son 3 hours for events.

The link guys

Im in philadelphia and a blader i wish bey parks exsisted it would be so much easier
i am in abington if you know the area. i would love it if you started a tournament in pa maybe in the philly city. Stupid
i live in lancaster pa. anybody else out there live in lancaster or close by? itd be great to meet other bladers cuz i know the pickings are kinda slim in PA Uncertain
Hmm, anybody willing to participate in a Philadelphia Tournament so we can get it proposed and approved?
I am in Philly and would love to help get something off the ground. Message me if you are interested and spread the word.
Tournament in NJ,

To all bladers close and around NJ check out the NJ Forum

Triforceblader is hosting a Tournament,

THE (not approved of yet) Battle By The Lake!

Location: Mercer County Park near the playground at the Marina.
Prizes: ATM none
Date: May 5th 2013
Time 1:00 PM

Also, I am still waiting to get this tournament approved and I am still waiting for a response from Zero X to see if he'll host with me. As well this will most likely be the location for the Tournament that Pruebame is hosting with me and Zero X this August.
Edit: I just posted a proposal thread

The Judges are Bj3rdd and Ultimite Orion if they come.

Who Is Coming:
Demon Blader (plus 1 friend)

Who Might Come:
I'm a newby and I wanna challenge you guys...I'm from PA too!