[Philadelphia, USA] any Milton, PA bladers out there?

Would anyone here be able to attend a Philadelphia tournament for sure? If so please let me know so that I may propose another event.
Me my brother (UltimiteCrown) UltimitePegusus and hres1440 might only go if it was near the Pocanoes Mountains but we still might be able to go if it was in Philadelphia it would just be a lower chance. It would be a better chance if it was closer to the Pocanoes Mountains but as it gets closer we will decide if we are going.
Im going and wild claw lynx
This needs to be revived. Are there any Philadelphia or near Philadelphia bladers around? I want to organize the community so we can start making tournaments and construct our community into a dominant one.
I live in Philadelphia and I wish there were tournaments around here
If you have interest in a tournament, PM me and we can organize something. We need it now
(Jul. 24, 2009  12:44 AM)Aqua Wrote: Unfortunately, I don't think there are many PA bladers.

Have you checked the map?

I'm a PA blader I'll challenge anyone in Philadelphia!
If any of you would consider coming down to Maryland this tournament aims to be huge, it would be well worth it for you: Thread is live: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Silver-S...y-Farewell
PLEASE RESPOND. Wombat said he would be willing to host a tourney (along with me) in Philadelphia. If you are able to attend please PM ME because we need seven people confirmed. I am one
I'm back! I'm a Philadelphia blader trying to get back in the swing of things!
awesome. ready for some tourneys
(Oct. 05, 2016  11:41 AM)Jimmyjazz39 Wrote: awesome. ready for some tourneys

You know it!
are u gonna organize the torneys or just find ones to go to

i could probably organize one on the 29 or 30 if anyone's up for it. only thing is i need people to bring tournament legal stadiums as i don't have any. it could be experimental burst format and standard/limited (whatever you guys want). it could be for my birthday. who wants to come. im gonna send pms to active members in the area
So I'm going to be back in the area for winter break in about a month. Jimmyjazz39 SupremeDragon any chance we could maybe get something together while I'm on break? I know the holidays can be pretty busy for some people, so if not in December maybe January 7th/8th?

I'm thinking either some kind of Burst (normal or experimental) and/or some kind of MFB (preferably Limited).

TheGrimRipper13 UltimateOrion any chance you could make it to a Philadelphia event? Are there any other active nearby members I missed?

EDIT: Any Jersey people maybe? @[DECEPTICON] @[MattForce] @[lawesomeness] @[Joshil100]
yeah I'd definitely want to do limited. ill host again unless you want to but we need to find an indoor venue and I don't know of any.

and we can do experimental burst again or just regular burst if you'd rather do that. I'm down for hosting two tourneys
Maybe depending on the date and location. December is busy for us. I'd be happy to come if we can make it.
So now that I'm back home for thanksgiving I've been able to consult with my folks, and the best date for me as of now is January 7th or 8th. What's that weekend looking like for the rest of yall? @[Jimmyjazz39] @[TheGrimRipper13]

@[SupremeDragon] @[DECEPTICON] @[lawesomeness] I haven't heard back from you guys yet, any interest in a Philadelphia event?
i think supreme dragon might be gone again lol. i should be good for then. any idea for an indoor venue @[Wombat]

just emailed supreme dragon and it wasn't letting me tag @[ReeceRoosters13] and @[Beyblade Strong] so do u think u could tag them for me
Saturday is better then Sunday. Sunday is hard with church and stuff so it would have to be after that.
ok Saturday it is but can u make it that Saturday?
yes, depending on the location. Have you or Wombat picked one.
I have a few game shops that I'm looking at so far, but nothing final. Once we can get 7 people I'll try to get in touch with them and see if we can schedule a time slot.

It looks like the tag for Beyblade Strong worked, fine, but I can still tag @[Reeceroosters13]
ok so Yami confirmed. that makes 6. just need one more confirmed @[Wombat] are u hosting or am i