PROJECT SOCIAL MEDIA: Submit Tournament Photos & Videos, Earn Bit Boosters!

Whats the point of bits??
they look cool under your avatar
I'm not in a tournament but I made some videos about beyblade in my youtube channel (WonderValtryekMaster)
I can send our tournament OK .I want bit boosters but I didn't go any tournament no one is join in WBO

I have make mistakes there is tournament photos
I have a youtube channel. Is it okay if I post on that and then send you a link?
The nc tournament Big Bang genesis theory was a blast
(Mar. 08, 2020  9:23 PM)Blader gi 327 Wrote: The nc tournament Big Bang genesis theory was a blast

Wrong thread. Don't spam the wrong thread.
Do we post them in this thread?
Just a heads up all, I'll be taking care of this going forward - looking forward to working with y'all to get your locals some attention on our socials! Get those pictures and footage rolling in!
Hello everyone! We’ve just expanded the range of content we are accepting for PROJECT SOCIAL MEDIA to include “Vertical Short Videos (30-90s)”. Basically, WBO tournament videos edited with Tiktok or Instagram Reels in mind.

➡️ Watch Example Video:

➡️ Read Submission Requirements:

Anyone who submits a fully-edited and approved tournament video will be eligible to receive a Bit Booster for their profile.

If you’d like to make a submission, please PM th!nk:

We’d really like to get more footage from WBO tournaments on our social media in order to better reflect the activity of our community, the efforts of Organizers around the world, and to inspire players who might be thinking of hosting or participating for the first time.