Operation Kid-Friendly!

(Oct. 16, 2014  10:08 PM)Mitsu Wrote: So, due to me waiting on a couple of items, I decided to take a break from testings and contribute as much as I can to this thread. That in mind, I decided to get a couple of done relating to Zero-G Beyblades; they probably wouldn't be what you'd end up seeing on BeyWiki, although regardless, the information may be valuable for other pieces.
I have these ones to start off to begin with, too, so here they are!:

Samurai Ifraid W145CF (Click to View)

Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD (Click to View)

Theif Phoenic E230GCF (Click to View)

If you have any requests, if these do happen to be valuable, I definitely wouldn't mind working on them!

On another note, when looking at the Beat Lynx page, I noticed that the Clear Wheel, Lynx, was under bad. I really don't see why that it is, any idea why, Kai-V? It has use on Flash for Attack, although not top-tier, soo..?
i don't think cf is ok it should be bad, beacuse in bb-10 it just perform as wf [and it is a wf with a ring] and when ring come in contact it losses lots of stamina, yes ring give more attack but i think gf provide much faster speed and power in almost any stadium even with week launch
I made that post almost a year ago but I think I put CF as OK for a reason. It's good, and definitely works on F230 customs, though is less effective as a bottom when it comes to stall and Zero-G Sway Attack than it's counterpart GCF.